Author, Patrick O'BrianPatrick O'Brian

Author 1914 - 2000

Patrick O'Brian has authored a number of books which have captured the interest of many of us who are interested in the sea, history and classic heroic characters - isolate, selfless, stoic and enduring.  Jack Aubrey, post captain in the Royal Navy, and Stephen Maturin, M.D., ship's physician and surgeon and intelligence agent for the Crown, embark on adventures which take them all over the globe. Once begun most readers find it hard not to complete the reading of all of these wonderful stories. Some unnamed readers have been through all of them more than once. They are available at for download as audiobooks for your iPod. Some unnamed listeners have heard them more than once, too.

Aubrey/Maturin Novels

Master and Commander, the first of the series
  • Master and Commander
  • Post Captain
  • H.M.S. Surprise
  • The Mauritius Command
  • Desolation Island
  • The Fortune of War
  • The Surgeon's Mate
  • The Ionian Mission
  • Treason's Harbor
  • The Far Side of the World
  • The Reverse of the Medal
  • The Letter of Marque
  • The Thirteen Gun Salute
  • The Nutmeg of Consolation
  • The Truelove
  • The Wine Dark Sea
  • Blue at the Mizzen

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Patrick O'Brian was a prolific author. The Patrick O'Brian Home Page has more information about all of his literary works.

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