Patton Pool Website
Annual Newsletter
May 2001
Do the years go by or what? Can't believe it's a little over four years since we started putting the website together. I guess, for all who were able to attend, the high point for the old Patton team in the last year was getting together in Ann Arbor for the reunion. It was something that I had always hoped the website would lead to but four years ago never dreamed that it would actually happen. It is seldom in life that something meets your expectations and almost unheard of when something exceeds them.
A while back, I mentioned transferring the Patton website to a CD ROM and making it available for a couple of bucks. It was supposed to be ready by last January. The project got delayed by the huge packet of photos sent up from Puerto Rico by Harry and Caroll. The good news is that the longer the CD is delayed, more things will be on it. I'm sitting on about another 50 newspaper articles and at the rate of putting one per week on the website, it looks like it will be at least another year before the CD is ready. Hang in there.
If you checked out the website recently, then you know some relatives of one of the deceased swimmers, Leslie Taliaferro, found the website. It is always a real joy for me when something like that happens. It  makes us realize that the efforts of all of us have brought some pleasure not only to our immediate Patton family but even extended out to their relatives and friends.
The time of explosive growth of the website is probably over, but it will continue to expand as long as there is new material to add and that's where you come in. There seems to be only two types of people in the world now: those with scanners and those who know somebody who has one. Please dig out those old swimming photos, get them scanned, and email them to me for us all to enjoy. For directions on how to scan your photos for the Internet, check out the "Questions" section of the website.
Hope you all are well and stay that way so you can come to the next reunion, maybe in 2005. 
Take care,