Article 182 c.1960
Jim McNairy has proven himself to be a swimmer that can be counted on. This season, his first with Western, Jim has taken at least one first during every meet.
Western Overcomes Redford Hex
For the first time in seven years, Western's swim team beat Redford by a score of 46-40 on Thursday, October 6, 1960, in our pool. We also won against Eastern on September 20, 1960, with a score of 44-41. There's always bad news though, and this bad news says that Cody beat us by a score of 46-39 on Spetember 29, 1960, in their pool, and Cooley beat us with a score of 55-31 on October 13, 1960 in their pool. 
In the Eastern meet, we took four firsts, one of those in diving, five second places and three third places. The boys who took the first places were Jim McNairy, 200 yard freestyle; Ricky Skarbo, 100 yard backstroke; Ed Mueller, 100 yard freestyle; and Salvador Prado, diving. The score of this meet was so close, 44-41, all of the spectators were holding their breaths till the very finish. 
In The meet agains Cody, the margin of the score was much greater. Though we did pull five out of seven first places, Cody pulled most of the second and third places besides winning the medley relay and the freestyle relay. The boys who got the firsts were Bob Moosekian, Jim McNairy, who came in first place twice, and Salvador Prado.
Our greatest victory, the one against Redford, really made the boys of the team feel good. They took aoll of the firsts with Bob Moosekian, Jim Koslow, who had been bothered with a sprained wrist, and Jim McNairy coming in first place twice.
 The meet against Cooley didn't go so good with Cooley beating Western by a score of 55-31. We took only two firsts and these being by our boy wonders, Ricky Skarbo and Jim McNairy. Even thoughwe took six second places and three third places and won the medley relay, we couldn't pull enough points. 
We will be losing two of our swimmers at the end of the season because they're graduating. Bob Moosekian and Jim Koslow are the two boys who will be leaving us. Bob and Jim are both all-city swimmers, Bob specializing in breaststroke and Jim in freestyle. At the end of the season, we will be sorry to see these boys go as they have given Western a name in swimming. Jim Vaught won't be with us next year, either, as he is graduating in June. 
Salvador Prado and Ed Mohlmen are the divers for the team. The have done and excellent jobs in the past and will do excellent jobs in the future. Salvador dove in the all-city meet at Patton Pool last year and placed fourth. This is Ed's first year as a diver and he's doing quite well. To be a diver you have to take quite a few knocks, and he's proving he can do it. Ed Mueller and Tom Marudas, who is folllowing his brother's footsteps, will be with us for the next few seasons. Ed is in the 11th grade and Tom is in the 10th.

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