Rumor has it that nine big heaters were moved into Brennan recently. Could anyone be so cruel as to make up a rumor like that? Inconceivable. So until told otherwise all red-blooded, blue- nosed, white -fingered, frost-bitten swimmers will believe in its truth and cling to it as their only salvation. If true it would mean no more:

1. thermonuclear underwear
2. gloves and earmuffs
3. indian blankets and sleeping bags
4. fur coats
5. canned sterno
6. emergency gangrene treatment kits
7. ice choppers
8. frozen TV dinners in the deep end
9. frosted lane markers
10. twenty-seven lb. frozen water polo balls
11. chlorine on the rocks
12. Iced kick boards
13. army boots and ski socks
and I hate to stop at 13, so I'll throw in marble shooting with frozen eyeballs
...all in the dead of August.


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