"The Patton Chronicle"
(the paper with a new slant)

Vol. I: No. 11

Editor: Tom Sullivan (an experiment in zanity)


Breakers????????????????????????????????????????????????????? tentative


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...............Swimming World is cluttered with pictures,
...............American Swimmer is cluttered with stories,
...............Wendler's Water Log is cluttered with information,
...............but Foam Fare is just cluttered! Read on if you dare!

Breakers: from the diary of Seaweed Sully (in the style of Mark Twain).

Water polo! That's what they called it. A good way to get wet inside and out, I allowed it was. My first experience left me a lung full of water and a thoroughly quenched thirst. I've seen orgies with more restraint and circuses with an edge on sanity over that "game." But let me put it all on paper, on the strength that it may make some sense then. First off, I found myself at the wrong place at the wrong time. Polo day at Patton will, hereafter, be avoided! All the same, there I was, free and foolish, a perfect recruit for those vultures and their silly little game. I say "vultures," but a Hawk was there-- Cap'n Hawk--though I discovered during the game that he bore a closer kinship with an octopus. I've seen people with toes that could pickup a cigar before, but never toes that could light one as well. And the things he did in that game...I wouldn't even mention in a diary; at least not mine. Besides him there was Joe "the mule" Mueller (so named for his kick); Mark "the mouse" Manrique (so named because he was always getting trapped); David "the camel-jockey" Sahagian (rode everyone like a camel); that other Sully I told you about (cleanest player there); Ken "the rug" Matthews (so named because he covered everybody); "Moose the goose" Moosekian (so named because...well, so named); and many other elements of dubious character. The rest of the day is but a water-soaked blur in my memory. The police must have arrived for I heard a whistle and suddenly everybody tried to get away at once. Such a splashing and thrashing you can't imagine! The Cap'n told me to float in front of this net, and the next thing I knew he


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