Wilmington AC said that Vesper Boat Club, with Lee Davis as a nucleus, will soon be in the picture along with other eastern clubs..........Times and talents are down and up, in that respective order, and Gary Gotschling has them both. The 11 yr. old newcomer broke Skarbo's old 200 back record after the workout, 2:31. Jim Teunas is another promise on the horizon, while Joanne Scarborough went a 4:41 400 free during practice........Now, about that rumor--"Brennan is heated" or something or other. Hope you didn't --Ha-Ha-Hee-Hee--take it too--Ha- Ha--seriously--Hee-Hee. Ahem! That is to say, it was...ah...well, um...not exactly founded in fact--Ha-Ha (choke, sob). Brennan will be (chatter-chatter) as warm as ever, which is miserably cold. I got the bad news from Jimmy Moore who noted that he'd been getting calls about it ever since the article appeared. Sorry 'bout that, Jimmy, but you should read my fan mail from other quarters. I guess they want my picture, because they keep saying I'm suitable for hanging.... ......What coach would make his swimmers run up the Washington Monument and then leave them stranded at the Lincoln Memorial? Ans.: Harry Hauck........Many thanks from Pattonites to the Encks for years of loyal service..........Dear George, Think you made a couple mistakes about that "novel called the Adventures of Tom Sawyer, written in the style of Tom Sullivan; and it wasn't a novel, it was an expose; your last mistake was reading it. As for Pushkin, I think he swam for Counsilman who has a lot of Rushin' swimmers around.... You might be interested, too, in a letter I got from Ralph Wright, President of Plantation Club. He says Detroit is lucky to have two talented writers like Wendler and Sullivan. So I unbarred my door yesterday--just long enough to let the mail-man through--and only heard one volley of shots plus a couple slow arrows..........NWAC and Patton team banquets had as much gold-ware as silver- ware on the tables. It was kind of confusing. I saw Bob Firlik picking his teeth with a trophy.

Gonna have to cut Seaweed Sully's dictionary short this issue--no roo

(gathered from his observations at Patton Pool)

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