SURF: From day to day of the summer season the spirit and mood of the club was, variously, exuberant and at low ebb. People's outlooks were shrunk to the influence of a single day. Now, turning back, a separate outlook is gained on the season's results. Here are some observations collected in the interviews:

  According to Mr. Danboise it was "a good season...on the whole." His opinion was echoed among the parents, together with a cautious "what'd we lose?" If anyone would have an answer to this question it would be, of course, Harry... and he did.

  The Hauck-eye view was considerably more modest/realistic/declamatory (choose one), but he summed it up with a completely valid comment--"we should've qualified at least a couple in the nationals."

  The swimmers, on the other hand, stuck to the facts. The only recollection I could get out of them was that Brennan was warmer this year, and that came from between chattering teeth--that's what I call real discipline. Despite the cold water, NWAC is simmering with that "we will bury you!" look on their frozen features.

The record shows we won:

  •    both Women's and Men's Junior Nat'l long distance championships
  •    the Men's Senior Nat'l long distance championships
  •    the Men's Jr. Nat'l Water Polo championships
  •    every Men's Trophy at each meet we went to
  •    plus a number of Team Trophies.

  On the other hand, who did we swim? We swam in good competition, but not the best. One thing is certain, we could do better and we'll have to if we want to move up instead of just keeping up.

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM: NWAC and Patton hold a Brennan Park party; conceived, planned and executed all in one afternoon. The grand finale--a football game--saw the girls defeat the boys in a show of brute strength. Extensive injuries were received by David "The Sheik" Sahagian and "Big Daddy" Gilbert when they attempted to outflank a certain group of delicate Misses, who sat on 'em after the tackle was made.

SPRAY: Kickboards with drawings have replaced sweat shirts as status symbols (somebody tell Skarbo to return Don Schollander's Santa Clara shirt).

WHITE WATER: Though the idea of publishing a paper was Harry Hauck's, he made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with its inception. To avoid being labeled a propaganda sheet, Foam-Fare hereby renounces any outside influence or pressure. Its content and arrangement will be totally original and not necessarily reflecting the opinions of Harry or any others. Quotes and references will be indicated as such; any contributions will also be clearly defined. Strictly as a means of communication, Harry will have a column in subsequent editions, but his opinions will be confined to that section.

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