FLOTSAM & JETSAM: Rick Skarbo and George Saldana have been nominated for high school all-American in water polo (move over Saari). Workouts have been extended until 7:30 week nights).


(for activities of the past summer)

Deed, scheme or plot Suspects
losing the Frisbee at Brennan Brian Dennis, Greg Penn, Tommy Koch
letting a rabbit loose in a certain tent at Cleveland Doug Webster, Carol Danboise, Mary Lou Howdy" Shefsky
forever getting lost Carl Boyd, Mark Manrique
six consecutive accidents in 1-1/2 minutes (includes running over a bed at Cuyahoga Falls) Ron Boyd, Monty Blashill
flew to all the meets.......in a car "Big Daddy", "Apple Ed" Picard
lunch snatcher "Abdul the camel jockey Linda Foster, Johanna Cooke
brought best lunch Mary Beth Ceresko (oh that mayonnaise), Jane Johnson
thrown out of Daly's three times in one week John Powser, Tina Solis, Janice Enk
shot sky-rocket off ten meter platform Alice Ceresko, Peggy Sherk, Richard Szuba
caught dancing the soupy-shuffle under the bleachers Bob Dael and Christine Szuba
remained innocent of all the above noted activities Sully
Description: Patton swimmer--red, peeling nose; sun-bleached hair; sun-blanched skull; sun-scorched skin; calluses on inside of index finger (from throwing Frisbees at Brennan); calluses on remaining fingers (from dealing cards); calluses on stern-side (from sleeping in tents at Cleveland); two red sun-sets instead of eyes; chlorine complexions; welts from the Hawk's claws (oh those toes) in polo games; algae on the finger-nails; generally frequents cold, turbulent water-ways.


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