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The black border on Foam-Fare is in tribute to the late John Fitzgerald Kennedy, former President of the United States. The horrendous crime that prematurely ended his career is a sinister symptom of our way of life. The genesis of such actions must be shared in the malice of all our hearts, and cured in the same place. It is not enough to say, "it was a great loss." There comes a point where eulogies are translated into reality...and loss becomes apparent. We must each of us rehabilitate ourselves so that he will not have died in vain; it is not an exaggeration to say our survival depends on it.

Perhaps there is hope, that in this tragedy may arise the stimulus we failed to derive from two world wars. For in this century, one had cried for millions, and millions have cried for millions, but now millions have cried for one....

The Editor


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