three hair curlers in it and a nasty note. Somebody named Janie Johnson got a love letter and had to read it out loud. "Stick" Szuba got a stick and Susan Roll was given a roll while Anne Carney got a can of chili con carne. Carl Boyd got a gift-wrapped pickle and right away asked for a glass of milk. His brother, Ron Boyd, received a mirror and immediately fell into a trance. Carol Danboise got a remembering card but forgot to take it home. A handsome lad with a transistor radio growing out of one ear, named Abdul, was ecstatic over his new science book: "How The Camel Got Its Hump." Alice Ceresko was given a guard rail to keep her from falling out of bed and Joanne Scarborough got a megaphone. Finally, in order to end the affair on a gay note, Linda Foster was given some laughing powder, but we couldn't calm her down long enough to take one.

Cap'n Hawk was there in his traditional Christmas colors--orange and orange, and the team bestowed their gifts on him now. You could see in their eyes the moment of gratitude to their coach and the respect for his opinion, because they all hung on his every movement, reaction as he opened his present. It was a rare moment, indeed, for the Cap'n broke his enigmatic stoicism with a 360 degree smile.

As I turned to leave, I saw that other Sully looking around for a place to throw his empty shoe-box. Just then, 6 year old Cathy Carney passed by, and he gave the empty box to her, telling her that it held "the spirit of Christmas" and that she should keep the lid on tight so that it wouldn't escape. It was a nasty deception, in my opinion, but the little girl seemed happy with her responsibility. I suppose it was all right. Maybe that box really did hold "the spirit of Christmas." Let's hope she never loses it....

Surf: is replaced in this issue by the first of a new series called, "Portraits from the Past." This month's subject--


--"Favorite son" makes good in cold, cruel world--

Everyone remembers "Big Daddy." He's the tall, easy-going freestyler with the Grand Canyon stomach; the one that goes :49 for the 100 and all day for lunch. Who could forget that momentous (monument-ous) breakfast at Cuyahoga Falls last summer when he devoured: 6 eggs, a platter of potatoes, 12 pieces of toast, 8 pieces of french toast, a breakfast steak, a breakfast ham, orange juice, a bowl of oatmeal and a bowl of shredded wheat? Who could forget that poor waitress? Who could forget that bill?!!? (sleeping on those picnic tables at the Cuyahoga meet makes a man hungry). "Big Daddy" is both known and feared by the Nat'l Restaurant Association. If Duncan Hines tests the quality of a restaurant, "Big Daddy" tests its quantity. Well, our growing boy is at Indiana now, and if Doc Counsilman has a training table, I'm sure he would appreciate a bottle of aspirins. But Doc expects Richard to improve his 100 as well as his appetite this year. I understand he has already clocked 49. It's a little rough to swim and get good grades the first year, so more power to him. We're all behind you, "Big Daddy," and wherever you go remember: somewhere in the mid-west there is a cult of frustrated waitresses who depends on you for their membership.


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