Do Hauck's editorials have you reading upside down? Don't feel bad. They've got me typing upside down!

WAVES: Calendar of events.

FLOATSAM & JETSAM: Soon to depart for Ohio University on a full scholarship is George Saldana. It is an understatement to say he will be missed--everyone knows that. His unsurpassed singing and only slightly-surpassed card playing will leave a void in the Patton ranks. And who can replace him as forward on the polo team? As a blind goalie, I know I'll especially miss him, 'cause he was the only one who "hooted" when he broke down the pool and I didn't have to be able to see him to pass the ball (sorry about that time I hit you in the back of the head, George). George says he'll keep in "polo-shape, " however, and he'll be back over vacation to tune-up and get ready for the Olympic trials over the summer.

As a traveling companion to Ohio, he may have Rick Skarbo. So far the winds of gossip have placed Ricky at every school from Ukulele U. to Sassafras Tech, and I don't think even Rick knows where he's going (did he ever know?). But by the next issue I promise to find out (the next issue will definitely be out by September, 1967).

Dennis Manrique is a second soul floating around in a limbo-land of indecision. While eyeing his chances for an appointment to West Point, he is considering Mich. State and Ohio State. When last heard of, he and Ricky were hitch-hiking 60 miles outside of Cleveland with Al Odem, who sings with a recording group here in Detroit-- The Concepts. Al was a member of that historic group, "The Polar Bares. " For those who do not know of the Polar Bares, it is an elite group whose membership is based on insanity. The first Polar Bare meeting took place at Cass Lake one clear, cold day last April. The idea is to return to nature. There are team uniforms for this sport; they are called birthday suits. In order to participate, one must appear in this uniform at high noon, carefully avoiding the enemy who is called the "conservation officer," and dash madly across the sands of a beach into ice cold water (preferably with ice floes). He then has the option of standing knee-deep in the ice cold water and remaining embarrassed or going for a swim--the further the better. The winner is the one who goes the farthest the longest. The sport resulted in the following: Dennis Manrique and Tom Sullivan (who only went along so that he could write about it, of course) were completely insane; Al Odem and Rick Skarbo were only a degree saner. Ralph Campos (tennis star) and Mark Manrique were completely sane and remained spectators. It is a great spectator sport....


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