thing else regarding his life it's not our business. We all joined Patton for one reason only. It offered the best coach and team in the state. Sit back and be grateful you can sit on the sidelines and watch your child develop into a healthy, busy young person who has a good sense of direction, loyalty and sportsmanship. All too few people have this privilege today. Your child respects his coach and team--keep it alive. You owe it to yourself, your child, the team, and above all you owe it to a dedicated coach who has made it all possible. Someone who has given of his own time to give something better to you children."

Mrs. Johnson



See that preface to Mrs. Johnson's contribution where I said you would only have to read a 1/2 page of Hauck and 1 1/2 pages of me this month? Well, it's all a lie. The Hawk just handed me his page long article (The Bridge) which he promised would be only a 1/2 page, and consequently you will now receive the dubious bonus of an extra 2 pages of Foam-Fare. Of course, you don't have to read 6 pages this month. You could read it next month. Or you could chuck the whole thing in the fireplace: Foam-Fare is guaranteed to burn with a heat of 6 BTUs for twenty-five seconds on a cold winter day. Once, when Hauck handed me his first blistering editorial, the stencil disintegrated in the typewriter. But since then I've been typing his column on asbestos, with fair results. So, to you brave young readers with endurance, read on! read on!

Flotsam & Jetsam: A look at this month's names and numbers shows that Greg Penn had a 1:01 100 free; Mary Beth Ceresko had a 1:07.9 100 fly and 1:13 100 back at the Flint meet. MBC also had a 2:33.0 200 fly at the end of a workout, and Joanie Makkonen (world's most well-fed skeleton) rattled through a 200 freestyle in 2:13 during a workout. She took sick immediately afterward and hasn't been back to the pool in five days. Shock, I guess.....Pete Adams and Doug Webster clashed in a dual meet (duel meet) Kimball vs. Seaholm, much the same as they had hundreds of times in the past during Patton workouts, but this time there was colossal pressure on both of them to win the 400. Result: 4:00.9, dead heat.....somebody better get the Allreds a safety net. That family pyramid they used to build on the Patton deck is getting pretty high. Reason: a new baby boy--Jimmy Allred.... .George Saldana and Rick Skarbo are gradually sinking into things at Ohio University. George is sinking in lane four, Rick in lane three.. ...I want to express my thanks to George Wendler for all the fine things he has said and written about Foam-Fare. He's done a great deal to promote it. And I'll bet all the while you people thought that he only did things to help swimming!

Foam-Fare wishes to be the first newsletter to bid you a Merry Christmas for 1964!


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