Seaweed Sully's body-building course is notorious famous throughout the country (and only in the country, where the Buffalo roam). Results guaranteed. One easy lesson. Just listen to what Richard "Stick" Szuba says about the Seaweed plan: "I used to be weak and scrawny. I'd climb out of the pool after a race, and I'd want to punch-out the timer, but I didn't have the moxie. After paying for just one course of #&%/?# Seaweed Sully's plan I was so mad that I slugged the first timer I saw. And believe you me it was five full minutes before that woman got up off the floor!"

And from David "Abdul, the camel-jockey" Sahagian comes this commendation for the Seaweed plan:

"I used to be the weakest loser in town. Then I followed the Seaweed way.
Now I'm the strongest loser in town!"


Abdul is on the left

Send 5 dollars to Seaweed Sully today (that will be your first lesson) and receive free membership card below.

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