the numbers of us who survived, until I heard "thirty and a half." By and by it became apparent that sometimes I had to swim faster than at others to keep up with the rest. I noticed a relationship here between the speed we were going and whether or not the Cap'n was watching. Whenever he stepped out, someone named Doug Webfoot would flip in the middle of the pool while someone else, named Carol Danboise, would start picking on a few boys...Bob Tyldesley, Scott Johnson and Gary Gotschling; they were hopelessly outmatched. I remembered what Doc Counsilman had said; that a swimmer must begin by hurting, then go through pain and finally agony. I gave it a try, but was doomed to defeat from the start; it seemed I had missed the first two and begun in the third....

Surf: "Portraits from the Past," #4:


From time to time the "Patton spirit" is enriched and enlarged through its various members. One of the most avid of these guardians is Lynn. Enthusiasts aren't made, they're born, and then a tip of the scale in one direction or another points them to a cause. For Lynn the cause was swimming, more specifically team swimming. But the thing that makes Lynn stand out, even among enthusiasts, is that once started in the right direction, her stubbornness will take over if and when her enthusiasm fails. Many is the time she has struggled through "hurt, pain and agony" at a freezing Belle Isle workout, past the point where eagerness and enthusiasm wane, and hung in there simply on stubbornness. It was these miles that solidified her determination and gave her teammates something to shoot for--the all important incentive in AAU swimming.

One of the richest gains of a Patton swimmer is friends. Lynn made many of these: sincere friends, deep friends...born of companionship in hard work, joy and sorrows. She made these friends because they respected her-her ideals and high standards. Don't ever lose this heritage, Lynn, and you'll have gotten everything worthwhile that there is to be gotten out of the many, many ... many Patton workouts.


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