We gave you Seaweed Sully's body-building course and you asked for more. We sent you your money back and you still weren't satisfied. So now for all you losers who didn't profit by that first lesson, we have an answer. Here it is... BY POPULAR DEMAND!

Carelessly prepared in Betty Cracker's

own kitchens by Seaweed's sainted

aunt...Seahag Sully

Write today!

limited supplies

at unlimited


  • more protein than a 4-ton rock
  • 300% more vitamin C than fifteen lbs. of corn cobs
  • twice as much iron as an average size tomato plant
  • the asterisk denotes nutrients per 12 lb. serving

"...aagh!" --Mark Manrique

"gag (cough-cough)" --Ed Picard

"a surprise in every package they said. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found it empty!" --Chris Szuba

"Unlike Chris Szuba I found my package full...full of big fat ol' worms. Boy was I surprised!" --Jim Teunas

"I tried Seaweed's Body-Building course and then Seaweed's nutrition food, now I want Seaweed to try them." --Abdul

"not on your life!" --Seaweed Sully


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