(Chuck Hines cont'd) This is the monthly newsletter of the Patton Tigersharks swim club, which operates out of Detroit, Michigan. The coach is a young man in his mid-20s. You'll be interested in their definition of the work TIGERSHARK on pages 3-4. It shows that the YMCA isn't the only organization trying to teach worthwhile values. The composer of this piece is a 17 yr. old girl. If a community group is doing this much to build character and teach values, what are we, the YMCA, doing to lead the way in this important part of our purpose and program?--Chuck Hines, Des Moines

The inspiration is mutual. We have often enjoyed your writing and of late, are indebted for the Des Moines newsletter: "Polo Patter." Many thanks. In conversations with top coaches all over the country, it has become obvious the problems they face are similar. Jealousies, politics, hypocrisy, it's the same in any area; these stumbling blocks muddle a sport which should be as simple as faith itself. It is discouraging to watch people sacrifice honestly, only to be thwarted by some pointless obstacle resulting from the unethical maneuvering of another. An article such as Joanne's is a ray of light in that blackness with HOPE written all over it. If we can come up with enough individuals like that to lead, perhaps it will demand less courage for others to follow. --Sully

Dear Tom: Best wishes for a joyous Holiday season.--Albert Shoenfield, editor Swimming World

Many thanks for the continued fine coverage of swimming throughout the country. The binding on Swimming World, indeed, holds the "swimming world" together!--Sully

Dear Sully and all you Patton Tigersharks: We surely do enjoy getting Foam-Fare! Although it's been a little over two years since we were there, we'll always feel that Patton is our swimming home. Reading about our old friends activities in your clever chronicle really gives us a lift. Many names are new, but will always remember the Penns, the Szubas, the Hislops, Joanne Scarborough, Manriques, Danboises, Cereskos, Tina Solis, the Sahagians, Doug Webster and "Johnny" in the locker room, too--Please say "Hello" to all of them for us. We've moved now from the Black Forest to the Saar ................. John is currently organizing bus transportation for a hundred kids to swim every day of the Christmas holidays at a fabulous $6 million indoor pool (with 10 meter tower! and artistic mosaic walls!) which is located about a half hour's drive away from our home. Our little Jimmy is now another "Tigershark"; he loves the water and we expect to launch him alone any day now; he'll be 2 the day after Christmas. Dianne has entered German diving competition. Carolyn, Bob, Diane and Johnny all send their best wishes to their Patton friends for a successful Christmas Meet. Just wish we could send in an entry and join you! Keep up the good work smashing old records!--The Allreds (Lou and John, Johnny, Diane, Bob, Carolyn and Jimmy) West Germany

Your letter was a treat to everybody! We read about Diane's diving in Swimming World, and all we could say was "Gesundheit!" Mainly because none of us can speak German. You'll always have a place with us (in any language). I'll bet that human pyramid you used to build is getting pretty tall. Our best to everyone, Sully

Hi Sully, Are you guys going to have a Christmas party? Oh! I got a letter from Santa today. Could you tell Mary Lou that I'd like a Polar Bear? Linda Tyldesley, Texas

Dear Linda--M-Lou is hibernating and I'm afraid to disturb her. Yes, we had a Christmas party--and a New Year's party, too. MBC managed to get all our baby pictures and we had a blast trying to identify them. Then we played pin-the-tail on the Karen Delair and Ralph Richards while they danced the Charleston.--Sully

"and then there was the Reverend Cigarettes...Holy Smokes they called him."


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