"The Patton Chronicle"

Vol. II: No. 1

Editor: Tom Sullivan (Schizophrenic Sully)

"...out brief candle."

Shakespeare Sully

LOOKING BACK: What's in a name? Nothing worth quoting if it happens to be "Foam-Fare." This first year of publication has drawn such mis- interpretations as "Sea-Foam." "Foam-Farm," "Fun-Fare," and "Forget it," from dead-icated fans all over. General Consensus (fought in WWI) has it that "Foam-Fare" (WWIII) is an unhealthy enterprise filled with vitality and life that is struggling to emerge from the pages--sort of like a sheet of used fly paper, I guess. But there is one thing "Foam-Fare" has over all other publications. It is the only monthly to complete a year's printing (12 issues) in only seven months...hurrah?

hot beste er mee------buena suerte
Rick Skarbo, Joanne Scarborough, and Doug Webster in Olympic trials.
--- bonne chance --- buena fortuna ---


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