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Contribution: The following is a contribution (Foam-Fare's first from out-of-state) from Art Brandt of University Heights, Ohio. It is particularly significant because it was written by an age-group swimmer and is, therefore, probably representative of the group who are the core of swimming today. In his discussion Art takes under consideration both the age-group parent and the swimmer himself. What better source of information about swimming than the swimmer himself?

by Art Brandt: Through ten years of age-group swimming I've seen prejudices and hatreds between people all over the country. Swimmers in the older age groups notice and realize these hatreds continually grow. There are hatreds between coach and coach, parent and coach, and swimmer and parent. The swimmer can idolize his or her coach but mommy or daddy hate him because their little Johnny isn't progressing. These hatreds will keep growing because the competition is stiffer and goals are higher. I and many of my friends were never pushed, because we had parents who cared, and cared the right way...the helpful way in a manner that would keep and improve our interest and liking for the sport of swimming. When I joined the "Y", I met a woman who had three sons. They were good swimmers with strong potential. She never pushed nor screamed, but drove to practice and probably twice around the

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