Observation is the rule applied,
At swimming meets this code will guide
The critic's eye that's slowly moved:
In every champ a coach is proved.
But discovery does not only lend
Existence to successful men,
Some live in isolation from
Cheers and cries--for them struck dumb.
The public's eye is often blind,
And many men we've yet to find,
For each of these and those we've found,
There is technique both sane and sound.
So here the lineage ends complete,
Swimmer proves coach and coach...technique.
While this is true, it can only mean
The order of proof and not of being.
For coach comes first and remains aloof
From the other fragments of this spoof.
So each is by himself unique,
As is his hallmark: swim technique.
Yes swimmers prosper as a rule
From coach to coach and pool to pool.
Thus all cannot be different,
Behold the common element:
Verdure Verdugo boasts its hills,
While SONIA rules its rocks and rills.
He coos and chants...and rants and raves,
But Champion's Road is the one he paves.
A smoother plane, though not a plan,
Lies farther east with STAN the man.
TINKHAM'S way is soft as satin;
Results: the record book is fattened.
DALAND n' HAINES like Freud n' Jung,
Their patients heads have wrought n' wrung.
One added principle they'll vouch,
A pool may be lain on as well as the couch.
Still other doctors treat these ills
With tangible cures like sugar pills.
DOC COUNSILMAN sees the athlete's bane
And treats the body but cures the brain.
His science, from pressure gives relief,
Hence all his men believe belief.
And so they "think" their victories first,
Then--confident--they quench their thirst.
Not far away, Riviera's queens
Train under LEE to reach their dreams.
No incantations or spells serve GENE,
Just respect, a smile and a pleasant demean.
Still further east in old P.A.
Live stoic champs--a world per se
Of dissent or defeat...nary a whisper
Where reigns the visage of KELLY at Vesper.
She trains her trusts with the same staunch will
That propounded her own Olympic skill.
And what of BREEN, the other champ?
Not far removed, his suit still damp
From victories garnered in far off places,
His skill still wins his swimmers races.
I've heard swimmers say of a man out west:
"See WALT SCHULTER when you've seen the rest."
In every trade there's a master craftsman,
A solemn artist, a Utopian draftsman.
He usually withdraws to a world that's his art,
Leaving on many the success of his mark.
And there confined with ideals of his choosing,
He repeats his success and goes on producing.
And after SCHULTER there's many more,
MOWERSON, STAGER and others galore.
This list could be endless from morning till night.
From BUSBY to BILLINGSLEY it's easy to see
That all are past-masters-psychology!
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