"The Patton Chronicle"

Vol. II: No.3 Editor: Tom Sullivan (remember me?)

Breakers: from the diary of Seaweed Sully (in the style of Mark Twain)

ell, time moves on and so do people, the difference being that the former may never return while the latter sometimes do. It was the Cap'n on this occasion who was moving on. He ran aground of something called "the city" whose officials reckoned as to how he had sailed a stormy course for too long. So they lowered one or two of his sails, put him on a pond where there was no wind, and set a "12 mile limit" on Patton waters for him. Whether or not this is a permanent situation has not been indicated, but a diligent watch has failed to turn the Cap'n up on the horizon; not since a-way last August, before the O-lumpic trials, has the full crew labored under the Cap'n. And shortly thereafter, I saw a number of things-- symptoms, you might say--from both the Cap'n's and the crews' point of view that bespoke a "summer of discontent." And then there was this meeting to discuss a merger, but it never really got to that, and ... oh--but you don't want to hear about all that.


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