Perhaps, you are wondering what good fortune has spared you a Foam- Fare and subsequent eye- strain, brain-strain and strained, strange news (try saying that ten times) for three months.'s this way...I've been wondering about that, too. For awhile there things were pretty uncertain, and I didn't want to print anything that I would have to eat for breakfast the next day. But as time went on... and on...and on, I had less and less reason not to write a new Foam- Fare-- except that I'm pretty busy, what with the swimming situation, writing TV, radio and newspaper ads, going to graduate school full time, working on my novels, and keeping up with my other follies--ah, follies! What I'm trying to say is that Foam-Fare may be a little late occasionally. This grad school English at Wayne State U. is unbelievable. Try devouring the works of Dickens in five weeks for one course, multiply that by three, and you'll switch to telephone books for light reading. Naturally, I've found a little better way. But it's still pretty stiff. The names'll just kill ya. Like Pause Pattern in Jacobean Drama, by Ants Oras and Dingle Foot (Ants and Dingle, no kiddin'!). The whole place is strange. I even found a parking meter that takes ten yen pieces as well as quarters; and then there were these two old ladies in a Volkswagen...they missed me going forward, so they tried to back over me--I swear it's true. I tried to keep a diary for awhile but it only lasted two days:

"Waning away at Wayne"

Sept. 23--here it is Sept 23 and I haven't missed a day of classes!

Sept. 24--classes start.

It's enough to make a guy take a handkerchief and blow his brains out. ...


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