Speaking of wakes reminds me of the ocean, and the ocean reminds me of Florida. And in this sunshine state I will be spending two weeks chasing around the girls for just about $35. Anyway, I think I am. All the wrinkles aren't ironed out yet, but if things go well this is my schedule........The only trouble is that right now I have about $12. Yes, I owe out $12. But if I can go down there for just $35, you can bet you life I'm sure as heck going to try to do it.--Pete (Adams) Harvard

You "Hah-va-d" men are all alike, Pete. What're you worrying about travel costs for? Don't you know Florida is downhill on the map?-- you can roller skate. I'd loan you twelve myself, but I'm doing so well my money belt sank to my ankles and I've got a stiff back.--Sully

Dear Sully, A few questions:

  1. Are you a member of the American Swimming Coaches Assoc.? If not you should join. Let me know if you want to.
  2. We want to use your ability as a writer so I would like to put you to work eventually in our ASCA and our Hall of Fame. Exactly how I don't know yet. Do you agree?
  3. Would you be interested in attending our distance meet here in Bloomington on May 29th--10 & u 500, 11-12 500, 13-14 500, 15-17 500, Sr. 1650? --Sincerely, Jim Counsilman (Indiana)

Answering the quest. in order: No, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah and another yeah-yeah. Where do I sign? I've just found my money belt. And am I liable for what leaks out of my pen? Will you let me in on the formula for those jelly-beans you feed your boys?--Sully

...............Steve Rabinovitch, former Canadian Olympic breastroker and now Ann Arbor coach is really bringin' 'em along. Third in Women's State last week............Send five cents in coin and a self- addressed kick board for a copy of what Howard Scarborough said at the Girls Age Group Camp. For ten cents Howard will deliver it in person (and for fifteen I'll accompany him on the violin) Hint: it burns, it's scented and is 100% abrasive...........local swimming meets are becoming an excellent test of how well one team can do another team's workouts, depending on who puts them on. Arbitrary rest periods between events and "Jim Dandy" orders of events have resulted in some amazing marathon stints, and some much sadder ones... .........

(or: Sully's Similitudes)

Once upon a time there were three swimming coaches. Their names were "Idiot Number One," "Idiot Number Two" and "Mr. Shrewd". Idiot Number one lived in a nice vine-covered cottage at the edge of the forest.He loved his mother dearly and had this thing about ethics. Idiot Number Two lived on the edge of the forest, too, and was also an All-American boy. Everybody smiled at him and he always smiled back, because he brushed his teeth 3 times a day. Mr. Shrewd lived in the middle of the forest, however, in an old tree with lots of weeds, but he rode to work each day on a white palomino and people thought he was from the high-rent district. One day a swimmer came to Idiot Number One and soon became a champion. But alas the parents of that swimmer decided they wanted to coach the child themselves since their child was now a champion. So they took their swimmer to Idiot Number Two and said: "We'll let you take credit , if you'll let us tell you how to coach our child." "Get lost," said Idiot Number Two. So they went to Mr. Shrewd and said: "We'll let you take credit, if you'll let us tell you how to


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