. Gary set a nat'l mark in the 100 yd. backstroke (boys 11- 12) with a 1:01.9 and another record in the 50 yd. backstroke at 28.4. Other good times at that one were Bob Rienas (14) 2:33.7 200 breast; Barb Church 100 back 1:12.7; Pat Holcomb (13) 100 breast 1:18.0 ; Tom Szuba (10) 100 back 1:14.0 (state record) and 200 IM 2:40.3 (state record)...............sorry Foam-Fare is late. Too many other writing chores. My term paper "Seven Letter Words in Sir Phil. Sidney and How They Grew" i.e. "How Many Angels Can You Fit On The Head of a Pin" is due soon. If I miss any more classes, they're going to send me a Writ of Habeas Corpus................Patton Tigershark times in the Men's Mile included many outstanding clockings: Tom Szuba (10) had a 23:21.0 (under state record). Rick Phillips touched him out with a 23:20.4 I told Tom not to give Rick a chance to outsprint him at the end--so there they went stroke for stroke all the way. When Tom got out he just smiled that "TS" smile and said "I sprinted all the way." Gary Gottschling (12) who took on water and had to stop at 67 lengths was 4:37 at the 400 and 19:39 at the 1650. Greg Golin won the 13-14 mile but failed to match his Ft. Wayne time (March) of 19:12.2 (1650) done back to back with his best 400 IM (5:05). Greg who has not been able to work out much since Ft. Wayne had been chosen to represent the US in a distance swim in Barbados along with Doug Webster (Webster won the open mile in an easy 19:40.8) but the trip was canceled...............winner of this year's Most Valuable Player award at the team picnic and baseball game was Linda Tyldesley who hit a home-run with Pat Ennis' clarinet case. Holly Hubbard won the "Roughest Football Player" award when she injured or destroyed more boys than Carol Danboise (Karen Hislop ran a close third). Injuries included Jim Klemanski (broken tongue), Ralph Richards (catcher's cramp), Seaweed Sully (sprained face)................Scott Johnson cracked the minute barrier in the 100 free and threw in a 22:58 mile before bowing out of the 12 yr. old age group. Scott teamed with his 12 yr. old buddies on a 400 Med. Rel. that ranks second in the nation: John Szuba led off with a 1:09.6 100 back, Gottschling followed with a 1:16 plus 100 breast, then Tom Koch 1:16 plus 100 fly and Scott 59.6 100 free. Time 4:43.0 Gary earlier had gone a 56.8 100 free...............new team uniforms look sharp. New team suits look sharp. New patches with Tigershark insignia look sharp. New Tigershark mascot looks sharp. Sharkteeth won by swimmers this year look sharp: Look sharp, feel sharp...BE SHARP!

"PUT A TIGER(SHARK) IN YOUR TANK(SUIT)" (tigersharks are tigersharp)


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