(Notes in Bottles dept. cont'd)

Dear Sully:

We will be sending forth these little gems to certain important gentlemen and ladies of the press and include you of course as one of the most. Long may the fair Foam Fare fly!

Most sincerely, Jinny Smith

accompanying notices: NWAC Open Invitational Swim Meet plus Jr. Nat'l tower diving at Brennan (Detroit) July 3 and 4 as part of Freedom Festival.

Dear Mrs. Smith--what did that "XYZ" on the envelope stand for. It was delivered by the French ambassador and a host of legionarries! --- Seaweed Sully


PERFORMANCE OF THE MONTH (girls): MaryBeth "Wooden Ankles" Ceresko qualifying in the 200 yd. breast in Lakewood, Ohio.
PERFORMANCE OF THE MONTH (boys): Bob "polo phenomenon" Rienas for his doomed efforts to hang on to the ball in a game against the world's roughest polo team--our girls.
EXCUSE OF THE MONTH (tie): 10 yr. old Jimmy Pond -"If I just didn't get tired I could go a lot faster!"

Szuba bros. - (late for workout) "we didn't' want to miss 'Little Rascals'"

GENTLEMAN OF THE MONTH: (Misunderstood) Dave Kee who spread Carol Danboise's towel out over the pool so she could step over it. Carol didn't understand.


Yes, contrary to popular belief Brennan will be heated this year.... heated by the warmth generated from those stirring swimming performances sure to follow. We are swimming much faster this year-- that should be worth 2 degrees. Besides that, there will be many more swimmers this year (including Osborn) and this should be worth another 2 degrees. The power of belief worth another 2 degrees. Jimmy Moore is going to work out this year--2 degrees. Phew! Bring your own cold drinks....

ATTENTION TIGERSHARKS!! Look forward to 2 great events: The First Annual Fly-Swatting Contest (to be held in July--get your practice in now. You must shoot the flies with pull bands. A bounty for each corpse) and the 1st Annual Pie-Eating Contest (or is it the fly-eating contest and the pie-swatting contest?). Wait and see.


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