(held August, 1965 at Brennan Pools)
(sponsored by Patton Tigerflies)
official sanction: F.I.N.A. (Flyswatters Institute's National Union--Detroit Chapter) and by that famous pie-eater's union the A.A.U. (Avid Apple Users)
reward: bounty for each fly corpse (at least 1/2 there)
official referee: Jimmy "Florida Fats" Dadson (who has since fled back to Flamingo-land)
the winners:

postscript: the boys killed or maimed 94 flies to the girls 88 (that must prove somethin'). Only pull-bands were allowed as weapons. High individual scorer was Bob Rienas, 22 flies, who uses the "lure" technique. Ralph Richards was the difference for the boys in the pie-eating contest, although Cheryl Kee, Debbie Hislop & M.B. Ceresko gave him a pretty good fight (collectively, & after the contest). Ralph won the chance to represent the boys in an underwater swim-off. Said Ralph after the pie-eating contest: "mphh-hf, gurgle-mmphf." Girls are itching to get back at them...boys are just itching-- they've still got the flies!


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