"The Patton Chronicle"

Vol. II: No. 9

Editor: Tom Sullivan (who once wrote for the queen of England-- " if you're a writer, I'm the queen of England," she said)



The new merger of the Golden Lions, Fitzgerald Swim Club and Maple Swim Club has considerably shaken up the swimming picture in Detroit. We wish Motor City Swim Club (the name under which these clubs now swim) every success in their motives, however, and particularly that they may be able to put together some good relays. While this certainly makes it difficult to compete for team victories and pool space, etc. we revel in the fact that swimming is an individual's sport and that no one can shut an individual out of the picture. The unprecedented 100-point victory of a determined Patton Tigershark team over the Motor City Merger at the Fitzgerald meet last weekend is simply a unanimous expression of inspired individualism:

"More power to collected powers and all they may achieve,
Though this may leave in "solo clubs" a membership bereaved.
Team victories can thus be gained which make a coach look taller,
But "teams" like this where numbers count make individuals smaller.
When other teams had planned such moves dissenting voices said:
"You'll kill your competition!" and so the merge was dead.
The same now cry, "this will not be, on that you can rely!"
But human eyes can harmonize what human tongues deny.


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