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Ed, I enjoyed your Patton Pool web site.
I still swim about 1 ½ miles daily. I started swimming with the Ferndale Barracudas at 10 years old, then with the Birmingham Swim Club, Birmingham Seaholm Maples, and MSU. I broke Weibeck's13-14 50 free state record in '68 and competed with and against many of the people on your list. I was a teammate of John Klemanski's at Ferndale for one year and went on to Seaholm where I set the state records in the 100 & 200 free in '72 swimming against Mark Colville and Peter Daly, respectively, in the UM pool, where the next year I would set the pool record in the 100 free (46.667) claiming 1st place at the Big Tens.
Tom Szuba and I were the same age and we occasionally competed against each other. He was a great competitor. I always was pulling for him, (when we weren't in the same race). I remember one time watching him in the 400 free at State Meet where he miscounted and stopped at 14 lengths. The whole crowd went crazy and yelled "go" at the same time. He was looking up at us like he was wondering what our problem was. He was so far ahead that he still won! Webster's name was on the record boards for a long time, and if I'm not mistaken it may have been Tom Szuba who replaced it.
Even here in Plano, Texas where I now live with my wife and son , I occasionally run into an UM alum who gives me the Moo Yooo stuff. I love telling them I once held a pool record in their own pool. They tend to quiet down real quick.
I remember as an age grouper being proud of earning patches for my jacket, proud of my first competitor ribbons. I remember Sully and many other coaches at the swim meets, AAU heatsheets, and the Michigan Mile. I remember my first coach Dick Arluck, bombing me with a volley ball in practice when he thought I was dogging it. I remember John Weick with his boundless enthusiasm, cheerfulness and dedication to the sport and his swimmers, (even at 5:30 in the morning practice). I remember Mike Heick with his scientific coaching approach and peerless tapering method. It's nice to see the coaches get recognition on your site. I know Dick Arluck, John Weick, Mike Heick and many others made an enormous difference in my life. I remember many races swum and many friends made thanks to the sport of swimming.
Some people probably think I'm bored as I swim my daily 1 ½ mile. But really I am keeping busy - remembering…
Thanks for letting me say a few words on your site. (3/99)