Belinda Schwass
Ontario, Canada

Wow, what great times we had at the pool and park! We lived on Pearl St. for about 10 years, Norman for about 3 years and on Pitt  for a year and I swam at Patton  from about 1964-1974.  I was on swim team for a while and Sharon was our coach. The team helped her make those Kleenex flowers for her wedding car while sitting around the pool deck near the deep end. Fondest memories were trading in our towels, soap and bathing suits for a set of checkers to pass the time in line up. Good ole Vi and the other lady always made us show them our soap and towel, etc. before we were let into locker rooms.  To think, back then,  it was all free and lifeguards actually checked us to make sure we were clean enough to enter the pool. I eventually did go on to become a lifeguard at the YMCA (near Clark Park) and then in Ontario. I know I am younger than a lot of  the swimmers on your websitheyackyack@hotmail.comte. I was born in 1959 and went to South Western High School from 73-75. Ha, I remember a bit about wanting to join the swim team there but managed to get myself kicked out of class before any of that became a reality. Our teacher was a mean old lady, so out of a dare when we had swimming, I pretended I was drowning and the teacher had to jump in to save me. Needless to say she was mad forever at me and I failed gym. Do you remember when the riots happened in Detroit and the military camped out down at Patton Park? I was just about 6 or 7, but I remember them pushing us on swings and we would watch them swimming, etc. The spook houses down the basement of Patton were fabulous on Halloweens, roller skating in the gym, climbing trees and forgetting to bend knees upon landing, watching the big guys build a super super gigantic snowman in the parking lot near the tennis courts. I remember skating on the pond one winter, tons of people on the ice and my friend had a shopping cart sliding across. All of a sudden she fell through the ice. When the adults tried to rescue her, we all watched. Soon all the ice started to crack and everyone had to edge themselves off the pond. Needless to say, she was saved and majorly grounded. That park has so many of my fond memories like losing my boots in all the mud when they drained the pond and we weren't supposed to go near it--ha, got caught every time when we tried to explain how our boots disappeared! Just read about all the upgrades they are going to be doing at the park Would love to go back there someday--been gone from area for about 27 years.