Well Guys,

I guess everyone has had time to recuperate so I thought I would jot down a few after thoughts (I know my midnight flinching has finally stopped!). Seeing everyone had to be one of the greatest times I've had in a long time. Being with friends we haven't seen in almost 25 years and flashing back on AAU swimming, past water polo tournaments and days at Brennan Pools, which seemed like events that occurred only last week, was worth every 112 big yellow balls that whizzed by my ears. Even staying five in a room together was something of deja vu "Oh God! Who died in here!" It s been suggested that next time it be mandatory for everyone to bring their own can of Glade. And what about Bwana s post vasectomy story that had everyone in stitches--twice.

As for the polo... IN-COMING! Playing against Bruce Bradlev, MVP of the 1972 Munich Olympic Games and Hall of Famer, Hoot Neuman II (hear Bwana is seeing him on a regular basis now and is soon to announce their engagement) was quite an experience. Given some team practices and other competition in our age-group, our I -4 record might have been different. Even so, hear me now-believe me tomorrow-we are- THE 1989 PAN PACIFIC WATER POLO 40+ GOLD MEDAL WINNERS!

Mark and Dennis Manrique, Ron and Dave Pohlonski, Alan McDaid Rick Skarbo, George Runciman, Bill Wood, Bo Rhudy, Dan Jamieson, and Ken Karasik.

(As a side note - as we left the airport we pushed Bwana in a wheelchair!)