Patton Reunion 2000 Regrets

Michael G. Reissing
Will not be able to make it.
Have a great get-together.

J. Bennett Donaldson
Thank you for the invitation, but I am sorry, I will be unable to attend.There are  truly great memories of being with Ron alsobrook, Harry Hauck, and a great group of swimmers - 40  years ago.
Best regards, and have a wonderful day.
Ben Donaldson

Mary Lou Shefsky
Greetings to all! Wish I could be there, too, but it's a long way from Washington State. Have fun!
Mary Lou Shefsky

Randy Cooper
I cannot be there with you. I wish I could be.I was very young when I was a Seahawk/Tigershark. I have fond memories about the camaraderie with all you great people. I remember that when we went to swim meets in force, we won. We swam hard in practice and we swam hard in competition.This has made me a better contributor in my work life and in my life generally. Thank you for your competitive fellowship.You are all part of the fabric of my life. Our times together were the happiest of times. I love you all. I miss you. Maybe you are wondering who the heck I am. I was the little kid hanging on to the edge of the pool (Patton Pool) with Randy Penn as I tried to learn how to swim. Bill Beiser was my friend. Jim Tunas was a competitor of mine.Elaine Cooper is my sister. Harry and my dad understood each other. I now live in Florida and scuba dive in the Gulf Stream and the Caribbean.
My life is richer for having known you. Thank you.
Randy Cooper.

Jay Osrowske
I apologize for the unforseen circumstances that prevent me sharing this event with you, Harry Hauck, and the Patton Pool Swim Team.Where did the road of life take me after leaving the Detroit area? By means of a swimming scholarship, I attended the Unversity of Wisconsin for two years pursuing Electrical Engineering. When the funds ran out, I moved to Chicago and attended DeVry Technical Institue. Fate would have it that in the big city of Chicago, at an airline party, I met my wife of 32 years, Dolly Wysun. Dolly was working for American Airlines there and is a country gal with her roots in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My ten years with the U. S.Navy took us from Chicago to Norfolk, VA....Boston, Massachusetts....Philadelphia, PA....San Francisco, Calfornia....all in one year. Two years later, had Orders for Guam. Two years later, Orders for San Diego, California where we dropped anchor for the last 24 years. We were blessed with a beautiful daughter, Tanya, who is now 28 years old and will be making me a Grandpa in September. Tanya followed her Daddy's swim strokes and was on her high school swim team for three years. Upon graduation, she was selected for the high school swim team's Hall of Fame. I was a proud Papa!! Harry, you are the best swim conditioning coach I have ever known. Fear and awe filled the hearts of opposing swim teams when you arrived at pool side with wife and babies in tow. They knew only a few medals might be theirs. In the stands, parents would ask, "How many young Atlantian's is he bringing this time? A full team or just a sampling? Will our Dick or Jane stand a chance?" They would say and swollow hard as the dreaded Patton Pool warm-up jackets would arrive behind the starting blocks. Swimming and swimming rules have changed alot since then. Sports medicine, stroke technique, event timing methods, starting block entry/dives/time/distance under water are just a few examples of many. Conditiong has remained pretty much the same. Harry Hauck, I salute you for your tireless dedication. You helped shape many troubled kids lives, not only in the pool, but encouraging their dedication to learning in school, sportmanship and life. MY HUMBLE THANK YOU!!!!
God bless all of you with health and happiness,
Jay Osrowske"

Doug Webster
Hiya Ed and all the Pattonites!
Greetings and salutations from warm and wonderful Hawaii!
I raise my coconut punch to honor Harry and pay tribute to the many hours of labor, that yielded gallons of sweat, cups of tears and an untold amounts of frustration leading to gratification for each and every one of us. Thank you all for being a part of a very special time in my life that has left its indelible mark upon my soul. May you all find peace and happiness in your lives. Namaste and remember, always,
Be Well and Swim Free,
With Love,
Doug Webster

Michael Fischer
I¹m really sorry I couldn¹t join you, but next month I will be in Michigan for my high school millennium reunion. Four of my sisters also attended this same high school, so it provides an opportunity for a family reunion as well. I will be anxious to see the photos and hear the stories from Ed Picard. I would love to hear from all of you, you can reach me at:
Michael Fischer