Article 008 c.1954
"Kids Cry-"Let's Do It Again."
"Let's do it again." That seemed to be the general attitude of more than 600 children and parents Friday following the Detroit Westward- Department of Parks and Recreation's huge water carnival at Patton Memorial Park. 
Parents of children 7-16 years of age were highly pleased with the opportunity given their children to compete in strictly novice competition, while the children themselves had a rolicking time diving for pennies and goldfish--a new experience for almost all of them. 
A penny scramble was held during both the afternoon and evening programs, while the goldfish scramble concluded the day's events. Approximately 72 goldfish were tossed into the pool for about 60 contestants to catch--and every one of them came out. It didn't take long, either. Cardboard containers filled with water were given each contestant to put his fish in, and many of the youngsters came back to Patton Saturday to show Joe Mracna, carnival co-director, that their fish was still alive. 
The afternoon program determined the six finalists for each of the 20 events for boys and girls. First, second, and third place finishers in the finals received medals--gold, silver, and bronze respectively, while fourth, fifth, and sixth place was worth a ribbon. There were about 200 actual entries in the carnival. 
Two young ladies from the St. Clair Swimming Club, Carrole and Marie Jordan, gave an exhibition of the kind of synchronized swimming that won them the Junior National Championship this year. Both duet and solo numbers were presented in a sparkling performance.

Notable performances by Patton swimmers:

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