Patton Pool Swimmers 

News Clips

Please send in some copies of newspaper clippings about you or the team and they will be posted here. They can be from the old days or what's happening now.

  1. Detroit Parks And Rec Promotional #1 (Tom Sullivan, Dennis Manrique, Ed Picard, Jim McNairy, Ron Boyd, Monty Blashill) c.1960 
  2. Mile Swim (Monty Blashill, Jim McNairy, Ron Boyd, John Savinsky, Dennis Manrique,Carl Boyd, Harry Hauck) c.1960 
  3. Detroit Parks And Rec Promotional #2(Harry Hauck) c.1960 
  4. Seahawks In Winning Streak (Rick Skarbo, John Powser, Geoge Saldana, John Allred, Doug Webster, Pete Adams, Dennis Manrique, Ron Boyd, Alice Ceresko, Carol Danboise, Mary Shefsky, Tina Solis) c.1962 
  5. Canadian-American Meet Contestants (Mikie Shelton, Lee Davis, Joan Makkonen, Tom Sullivan, Carol Danboise, Lynn Makkonen, Laura Frost, Ron Boyd, Rick Skarbo, Dennis Manrique, Jay Osrowske, Harry Hauck) c.1962 
  6. Fast Moving Quartet (Ray Ferguson, Rick Skarbo, Dennis Manrique, Pete Adams) c.1962 
  7. Jr. National Water Polo Championships St West Point 1962 (Tom Sullivan, Dave Wendler, George Saldana, Mark Manrique, Ron Boyd, John Westcott, Pete Adams, Dennis Manrique, Rick Skarbo, John Savinsky, John Stewart, John Hussey, John Powser, Ray Ferguson, Harry Hauck) c.1962 
  8. Patton Pool Water Carnival (Dennis Manrique, Bob Moosekian, Phil Moosekian) c.1954 
  9. Cooley Swimmers Win 3rd PSL Title (Photo: Pete Adams, Jim MacMillan, Larry Hatswell, Bill Jennison) c.1962 
  10. Swim Champs' Coach Leaving (Harry Hauck, Doug Webster, Pete Adams, George Saldana, Monty Blashill, Joan Makkonen, Mary Ceresko, Tina Solis, John Powser, Rick Skarbo, Joanne Scarborough, Carol Danboise, Lee Davis, John Szuba, Sue Spilski, Linda Foster) c.1964 
  11. A Letter From Doc Counsilman (Dennis Manrique) c.1963 
  12. Cooley Swimmer Beats Olympian (Joanne Scarborough) c.1964 
  13. In the Swim Of Important Causes (Harry Hauck) c.1997 
  14. Prep Star Webster In Indies Race (Doug Webster, Harry Hauck) c.1963 
  15. Detroit-Area Swimmers Star In Meet (Gary Gottschling) c.1964 
  16. In The Swim Of Things (Rick Skarbo and George Saldana) c.1964 
  17. Two Local Swimmers Abound In Laurels (Monty Blashill, Harry Hauck, John Savinsky) c. 1959 
  18. 2 Records Set In PSL Swim Trials (Monty Blashill, Pete Adams, Dennis Manrique) c.1962 
  19. Youthful Swim Quartet Eyes Bigger Challenge (Pete Adams, Ray Ferguson, Dennis Manrique, Rick Skarbo, Harry Hauck) c.1962 
  20. Richards To Head WAIS Swim Team (Ralph Richards) c.1997 
  21. At 51, He Broke Five State Records (Dennis Manrique) c.1997 
  22. 1963 Awards Banquet Program Page 1 (Doug Webster, Laura Frost, Pete Adams, George Saldana, Rick Skarbo) c.1963 
  23. 1963 Awards Banquet Program Page 2 (Lee Davis, John Westcott, Rick Skarbo Lynn Makkonen, Pete Adams) c.1963 
  24. Just For The Fun Of It (Dennis Manrique) c.1997 
  25. Webster to Rejoin High School Team (Doug Webster) c.1964 
  26. Soph Swim Star on All-State Team (Doug Webster and Pete Adams) c.1964 
  27. 2nd Swimming Mark Broken (Rick Skarbo, Dennis Manrique, Craig Dwyer, George Saldana, Jim Nagy, Pete Adams) c.1963 
  28. Water Polo Club Formed By Brothers In Detroit (Dennis and Mark Manrique) c. 1968 
  29. Patton Seahawk News (Harry Hauck, Carol Danboise, Tom Szuba, John Szuba, John Allred, Mary Shefsky, Doug Webster, Rick Skarbo, Pete Adams, Dennis Manrique, Mary Beth Ceresko, Alice Ceresko, Ron Boyd, Jay Osrowske, John Powser, Bonnie Danboise, Ron Enk) c. 1962 
  30. Patton Polo Team Invades West Point (Harry Hauck, Pete Adams, Rick Skarbo, John Powser, Jim McNairy; John Savinsky, Dennis Manrique, Mark Manrique, George Saldana, John Westcott, Tom Sullivan) c.1962 
  31. Patton Goes To U of M AAU Swim Meet (Harry Hauck, Pete Adams, Dennis Manrique, George Saldana, John Powser, John Westcott) c. 1962 
  32. Adams Sets 2 Records In Defeat (Pete Adams, John Savinsky, Dennis Manrique, George Saldana, Rick Skarbo, Jay Osrowske) c. 1962 
  33. The Hauck Family English Channel Swim Diaryc.1988 
  34. Water Ace Learned Late (Harry Hauck, Monty Blashill, John Savinsky, Fred Savinsky, Carl Boyd) c.1958 
  35. Close As That (Sue Spilski and Linda Foster) c.1963 
  36. Olympic Prospect Looms (Lee Davis, Lynn Makkonen, Joan Makkonen, Bonnie Danboise, Laura Frost, Mary Abbey, Harry Hauck) c.1962 
  37. Indiana Youth Wins AAU Swim (George Saldana, Doug Webster, Pete Adams) c.1962 
  38. The Casablanca Chronicles (Dennis Manrique, Harry Hauck) c.1999 
  39. Water Polo Title Makes Girls Battle (Jackie Jones, Vivian Carozzo, Susie Spilski, Joan Makkonen, Joyce Allen, Lee Davis, Lynn Makkonen, Nancy Weston and Leslie Taliaferro, Harry Hauck) c.1961 
  40. Seahawks Soar To New Honors (Rick Skarbo, Ron Boyd, Pete Adams, George Saldana, Craig Dwyer, Larry Dalton, John Allred, Bryan Dennis, John Szuba, Tom Koch, Sue Spilsky, Harry Hauck) c.1963 
  41. Burned Out Junior Defeats Swim Stars (Pete Adams, Rick Skarbo, Tom Sullivan, Ron Boyd, Harry Hauck) c. 1963 
  42. Patton Girls Take Swimming Title (Joan Makkonen, Sue Spilski, Linda Foster, Lee Davis, Harry Hauck) c.1963 
  43. Anchor Man's Takeoff (Pete Adams, George Saldana, Larry Dalton, Rick Skarbo) c.1963 
  44. Patton Team Sets Medley Relay Mark (Rick Skarbo, Dennis Manrique, Ray Ferguson, Pete Adams, Lee Davis, Lynn Makkonen, Joan Makkonen, Harry Hauck) c.1962 
  45. Swim Team Sets U.S. Relay Mark (Rick Skarbo, Dennis Manrique, Ray Ferguson, Jay Osrowsky, Harry Hauck) c.1962 
  46. Laud Age Group Program (Rick Skarbo, Bob Blanchard, Ray Ferguson, Ron Boyd) c.1961 
  47. Girls Sweep Women's Mile (Lynn Makkonen, Joan Makkonen, Lee Davis, Sue Spilski, Linda Foster, Alice Ceresko, Susan Roll, Bonnie Danboise ,Mary Lou Shefsky, Carol Danboise, Mary Lou Snyder, Harry Hauck) c.1962 
  48. Patton Girls Win (Joan Makkonen) c.1964 
  49. 7 City Prep Swimmers Set Marks (Monty Blashill, Richard Dixon, Roy Burry) c.1959 
  50. Patton Swims to 7 Records (Mary Lou Shefsky, John Westcott, Lynn Makkonen, John Allred, Lee Davis, Carl Boyd, Laura Frost, John Savinsky) c.1961 
  51. Patton Swim Team Shatters Relay Record (John Savinsky, Pete Adams, Ron Boyd, Jay Osrowske, Lee Davis, Carl Boyd, Carol Danboise, Harry Hauck) c.1961 
  52. Patton Swimmers Win 3rd State Title (Rick Skarbo, Dennis Manrique, John Stewart, John Savinsky, John Powser, Ron Boyd, Jay Osrowske, Pete Adams, Harry Hauck) c.1962 
  53. Patton Swimmers Take Flint Meet (John Savinski, Greg Penn, Doug Webster, John Hollinger, Carl Boyd, Mark Manrique, Lee Davis, Joan Makkonen, Lynn Makkonen, Tom Sullivan, John Szuba, John Allred, Tom Koch, Diane Allred, Barbara Foster, Lynn Davis, Alice Ceresko, Bonnie Danboise, Mary Shefsky, Carol Danboise, Harry Hauck) c.1962 
  54. 7 Marks Smashed In Swimming Meet (Lee Davis, Carl Boyd, Carol Danboise, John Savinsky, Lynn Makkonen) c.1962 
  55. Patton Swimmers Feted At Aquatic Club Banquet (Harry Hauck, Lee Davis, John Westcott, Rick Skarbo, Lynn Makkonen, and Pete Adams) c.1962 
  56. Detroit Clubs 1-2 In Swim Meet (Rick Skarbo, Greg Golin, John Szuba, Bob Blanchard, Bill Jennison) c.1962 
  57. Motor City Club Sweeps Wyoga Lake Honors (Harry Hauck, Joanne Scarborough, Tina Solis, Mary Beth Ceresko, Greg Golin, Gary Gottschling, Joan Makkonen) c.1963 
  58. Skarbo, Webster Get Records At Lakewood (Rick Skarbo, Doug Webster) c.1963 
  59. Detroit Girl Sets National Swim Mark (Harry Hauck, Joan Makkonen, Tina Solis and Joanne Scarborough) c.1963 
  60. Detroit Girls Pool Victories (Joanne Scarborough, Mary Beth Ceresko) c.1963 
  61. Cooley Ace Beats Mark In 1st Race (Bill Jennison, Mark Manrique, Pete Adams, John Savinsky, Jay Osrowske) c.1962 
  62. Honor Local Swim Star (Tom Sullivan) c.1961 
  63. Adding Another Trophy (Joanne Scarborough, Tom Sullivan) c.1965 
  64. Taking The Top Three Places (Harry Hauck, Joan Makkonen, Lynn Makkonen, Lee Davis) c.1961 
  65. Wintertime Pool Time (Barb Church, Carol Danboise, Irene Silva, Alice Ceresko, Sharon Hancock, Pat Holcomb, Tom Sullivan) c.1965 
  66. D.I.T. Senior Swimming Star (Tom Sullivan) c.1964 
  67. Patton Boys Set National Swim Mark (Gary Gottschling, Jim Teunas, John Sherk, Greg Penn, Bill Beiser, Doug Messer, Joanne Scarborough, Barbara Church, Tom Bates) c.1966 
  68. AAU Champion Named Swimteam Co-Captain (Tom Sullivan) c.1964 
  69. Detroiter Swims to 4 Marks in Cleveland Meet(Rick Skarbo, Tom Sullivan, Doug Webster, Monty Blashill, Mary Beth Ceresko, John Szuba) c.1963 
  70. Winning a Habit, Detroit Girl Dreams of Olympics (Joanne Scarborough, Tom Sullivan) c.1966 
  71. Patton Team Sets Medley Relay Mark (Rick Skarbo, Dennis Manrique, Ray Ferguson, Pete Adams, Harry Hauck, Lee Davis) c.1962 
  72. Boss of City's Pools to Retire (Ernie Stengel, Harry Hauck, Ron Alsobrook) c.1963 
  73. New Kimball Swimmer Looms As Another Ace (Gary Gottschling, Doug Webster, Harry Hauck, Tom Sullivan, Ron Alsobrook) c.1966 
  74. Records Set In State A.A.U. Competition (Pete Adams, John Savinsky, Ron Boyd, Dennis Manrique, Rick Skarbo, John Stewart, John Powser, Jay Osrowske) c.1962 
  75. 25 Records Shattered at Patton (Tom Szuba, John Szuba,  John Allred, Harry Hauck, Sue Spilski, Linda Foster, Pete Adams, Tom Koch) c.1962 
  76. Patton Leads in Amateur Aquatics (Lynn Makkonen, Lee Davis, John Westcott, Doug Webster, John Hollinger, Carl Boyd, Mark Manrique, Carol Danboise, John Sherk, Greg Penn, John Allred, John Szuba) c.1962 
  77. Adams Wins (Pete Adams, Rick Skarbo, George Saldana, Doug Webster, Greg Golin, John Szuba, Bobby Koch) c.1962 
  78. Danboise Sets AAU Record (Carol Danboise, Bonnie Danboise, Mary Lou Shefsky) c.1963 
  79. Star Wins 3 Races in Swimming Finale (Rick Skarbo, Harry Hauck) c.1963 
  80. Szuba's Spectacular Effort Highlights Meet (Tom Szuba, Doug Webster) c.1972 
  81. Tom Szuba's letter from the Websters: (Tom Szuba, Doug Webster) c.1972 
  82. Versatile Swim Champ Rated Best at 50 Yards: (Ken Wiebeck, Pete Adams, Rick Skarbo, Bill Jennison, George Saldana, Jerry Gorski,) c.1963 
  83. Cartoon #1: (Lee Davis, Lynn Makkonen, Krista Hauck) c.1961 
  84. Cartoon #2: (Pete Adams, Harry Hauck) c.1961 
  85. Detroiters On U.S. Team: (Gary Gottschling, Laura Novak) c.1965 
  86. DIT'S Swimming Team: (Tom Kennary, Tom Sullivan, John Wescott, Bob Moosekian, Jimmy Ottinger, Tim Kennary, Dick Dixon) c.1962 
  87. Soph On All-State SwimTeam: (Doug Webster, Pete Adams) c.1964 
  88. Distance Swim Meet Lures 200 to Wyoga: (Jim Teunas, Gary Gottschling, Dave Sahagian, Greg Penn, George Saldana, Ron Pohlonski, Greg Golin) c.1963 
  89. Swimmers Rub Out 14 State Marks: (Doug Webster, Johanna Cooke, Gary Gottschling, Laura Novak) c.1964 
  90. Tankers Make All-American: (George Saldana, Rick Skarbo, Mark Manrique, Dennis Manrique) c.1963 
  91. Adams Cuts :51.3 From Swim Mark: (Pete Adams, Doug Webster, John Powser, Greg Golin, Tom Koch, John Szuba, John Allred, Harry Hauck) c.1962 
  92. Swimmers Undefeated: (Rick Skarbo, George Saldana, Jim Nagy, Craig Dwyer, Mark Manrique, Dennis Manrique) c.1963 
  93. Russians Pacing Games For Deaf: (Fred Savinsky) c.1965 
  94. Closing Kick Boots Glick To AAU Distance Title: (George Saldana, Doug Webster, Monty Blashill, Peggy Sherk) c.1962 
  95. A Call To Fame Pierces Star's World Of Silence: (Fred Savinsky) c.1965 
  96. Cooley Swims To 9th Victory: (Rick Skarbo, Dennis Manrique, George Saldana) c.1963 
  97. Effort Brings Golden Reward For Young Warren Swimmer (Fred Savinsky) c.1969 
  98. 10 From State Seek Deaf Game Honors: (Fred Savinsky, Harry Hauck) c.1965 
  99. Rivals Star, But Seaholm Keeps State Swim Title: (Doug Webster, Pete Adams, Rick Skarbo) c.1964 
  100. Foul Beats Western's Swimmers: (Jim McNairy, Dennis Manrique) c.1961 
  101. Cody Wins 5th Meet In Swimming: (Pat Ennis, Bill Allen, David Sahagian, Mark Manrique) c.1965 
  102. Patton Swimmers Try To Sweep AAU Titles: (Mary Beth Ceresko, Carol Danboise, Linda Foster, Greg Golin, Harry Hauck) c.1963 
  103. Fete Swimmer: (John Klemanski, Tom Sullivan) c.1966 
  104. Savinsky Wins Five Medals: (Fred Savinsky) c.1969 
  105. Detroiters Capture Swim Title: (Tina Solis, Mary Beth Ceresko, George Saldana) c.1963 
  106. Swim Mark Set by Pershing Boy: (Pete Adams, Monty Blashill) c.1962 
  107. Stars Build Up for Final Rush: (Pete Adams) c.1963 
  108. Detroit Swimmers on a Record Spree: (Joanne Scarborough, Pat Holcomb, Kathy Stidwell, Carol Danboise, Sharon Hancock, Greg Penn, Jim Teunas, John Sherk and Gary Gottschling, Mary Beth Ceresko, Barbara Church, Tom Sullivan) c.1966 
  109. National Honor for Deaf Star: (Fred Savinsky) c.1969 
  110. Young Swim Stars Do "Double Take": (Mary Beth Ceresko, Joanne Scarborough, Johanna Cook) c.1965 
  111. 2 Swimmers Set Age Group Marks: (Gary Gottschling, Tom Szuba) c.1965 
  112. Patton Club Dominates AAU Swim: (Joanne Scarborough, Joan Makkonen, Tina Solis, Mary Beth Ceresko, Sharon Hancock, Gary Gottschling,  John Szuba, Greg Golin, Dave Sahagian) c.1965 
  113. 5 Records Fall In Swim Event: (Barbara Church, Laura Novak) c.1965 
  114. Seahawks Soar At AAU Meet: (Harry Hauck, Rick Skarbo, Doug Webster, Ron Boyd, Pete Adams, Jay Osrowske, George Saldana) c.1962 
  115. AAU Swimmers Set 5 Records: (Joan Makkonen) c.1962 
  116. Water Polo Making Comeback In State: (Tom Sullivan, Larry Dalton, Dennis Manrique, Mark Manrique, Chuck Hall, Joe Mueller) c.1969 
  117. Laura Swims In AAU Meet: (Laura Frost, Dennis Manrique, Ron Boyd, John Savinsky, Rick Skarbo) c.1963 
  118. Cody Nips Redford's Swimmers: (John Westcott, John Stewart, Pete Adams, Ray Ferguson, Monty Blashill, Rick Skarbo, George Saldana) c.1962 
  119. 2-Day Meet To Get Top Swimmers: (Sue Spilski, Harry Hauck, Mary Lou Shefsky, Rick Skarbo, Pete Adams, George Saldana, Larry Dalton) c.1962 
  120. Youngsters Need Swim Incentives: (Harry Hauck) c.1962 
  121. Swim Star Clips Own Mile Mark: (Linda Foster, Sue Spilski, Peggy Sherk, Barbara Foster, Carol Danboise, Mary Lou Shefsky, Tina Solis, Mary Beth Ceresko, Johanna Cook, Joanne Scarborough) c.1962 
  122. 1964 Olympic Trials Participation Certificate: (Mike Reissing) c.1964 
  123. Patton Pool 50th Anniversary Report: by Dennis Manrique c.2000 
  124. Men's & Women's Open Championships: (Dennis Manrique, Mark Manrique, Tom Sullivan) c.1971 
  125. Hidden Treasures: Swimmers Practice Strokes All Year Long: (Patton Pool) c.1997 
  126. All America 200 Yard Backstroke (Mike Reissing) c.1962 
  127. All America 400 Yard Medley Relay (Mike Reissing, Dick Nelson, Jeff Longstreth, Frank Berry) c.1962 
  128. Patton Pool Takes Girls' Swim Title (Lee Davis, Laura Frost, Harry Hauck) c.1962 
  129. Marathon Man (Harry Hauck) c.2000 
  130. St. Clair Takes Third In Meet (Bob Moosekian, Tom Kennary, Dave Wendler, Monty Blashill, Jim McNairy, Ron Boyd) c.1960 
  131. Activities At Patton Center (Ron Boyd, Bob Blanchard, Ray Ferguson, RickSkarbo, George Saldana, John Stewart, Dennis Manrique. Lynn Makkonen) c.1962 
  132. Swimmers Eye Barbados Test (Greg Golin, Doug Webster) c.1965 
  133. Western Outswims Cooley (Rick Skarbo, Mark Manrique, Dennis Manrique, Craig Dwyer, George Saldana) c.1963 
  134. City League Back in Swim (David Sahagian, Dave Christie, Rick Skarbo, George Saldana, Pete Adams) c.1965 
  135. Preps Swim to 4 CityRecords (Pete Adams, George Saldana, Rick Skarbo) c.1963 
  136. 5 Detroiters Picked for Swim Meet (Bill Beiser, Joanne Scarborough, Gary Gottschling, Jim Teunas, Greg Penn, John Sherk) c.1965 
  137. Detroit Swimmers Win in Long Haul (Joanne Scarborough, Tina Solis, Joan Makkonen, Mary Beth Ceresko, Sharon Hancock, Gary Gottschling, Greg Golin) c.1964 
  138. 12-Year-Old to Swim for U.S. Marks: (Gary Gottschling, Alice Ceresko, Laura Novak, Tom Sullivan) c.1964 
  139. 5 To Challenge Distance Star: (Pete Adams, Doug Webster, Jay Osrowske, John Powser) c.1963 
  140. Patton Girls Win State Swim Title: (Carol Danboise, Joanne Scarborough) c.1965 
  141. Kalamazoo Swim Star Sets Record: (Tom Szuba, John Szuba, John Sherk, Greg Penn) c.1962 
  142. Detroiters Pace Midwest Swims With 9 Victories: (Rick Skarbo, Doug Webster, Mary Beth Ceresko, Ron Boyd, John Powser, George Saldana, Joan Makkonen, Joanne Scarborough, Laura Novak) c.1963 
  143. City Youngsters Win 2 Distance Swimming Titles: (Tina Solis, Mary Beth Ceresko, Alice Ceresko, George Saldana) c.1963 
  144. Patton Swimmers Rewrite Records: (Gary Gottschling, Tom Szuba, John Szuba, Scott Johnson, Laura Novak) c. 1965 
  145. Detroiters Win Ohio Swim Meet: (Doug Webster, George Saldana, Richard Gilbert, Monty Blashill) c.1963 
  146. City Swimmers Rule Ohio Meet: (Bill Beiser, Gary Gottschling, Greg Penn, John Sherk, Ralph Richards, Irene Silva, Barb Church, Joanne Scarborough, Mary Lou Shefsky) c.1966 
  147. Divers Clean Up Beach On Earth Day: (Harry Hauck) c.2001 
  148. Tankers Lose Openers To Mackenzie, Cody: (David Sahagian, Mark Manrique, Dave Christie, Harry Hauck) c.1965 
  149. 2,000 Entries Due at Patton Swim Meet: (Gary Gottschling, Laura Novak, Tom Sullivan) c.1964 
  150. Patton Swimmers Set Two US Records: (Joanne Scarborough, Dennis Manrique, Gary Gottschling, Tom Sullivan) c.1965 
  151. Detroit Girl Set Swimming Mark in London Meet: (Joanne Scarborough, Bill Beiser) c.1966 
  152. Skarbo Sets Mark; Team Wins Relays: (Rick Skarbo, Doug Webster, Jim Hoyer, Ron Boyd, Tom Sullivan, Dennis Manrique, Pete Adams, John Szuba, John Powser, Jay Osrowske, Greg Penn) c.1962 
  153. Patton Seahawk News: (Dennis Manrique, Linda Foster, Pete Adams, Doug Webster, Rick Skarbo, George Saldana, Sue Spilski, Carol Danboise, Mary Lou Shefsky, Alice Ceresko) c.1963 
  154. Hoosier Seeks Big Splash: (George Saldana, Carol Danboise, Ron Pohlonski) c.1963 
  155. Redford Outswims Western: (Rick Skarbo, Dennis Manrique, George Saldana, Dave Dixon, John Westcott, Ron Boyd) c.1962 
  156. Prep Sets Age Group Swim Mark: (Rick Skarbo, Doug Webster, Pete Adams, Johanna Cooke, Peggy Sherk, Ron Boyd, Mary Lou Shefsky) c.1963 
  157. Patton Swimmers Set 2 U.S. Marks: (Joanne Scarborough, Dennis Manrique) c.1963 
  158. 3 Pool Marks Set As D.I.T. Wins Meet: (Tom Sullivan) c.1963 
  159. Miss U.S. Mark: (Rick Skarbo, Ron Boyd, Jim Hoyer, Pete Adams) c.1963 
  160. Detroit Swimmers Capture 4 Races: (Rick Skarbo, Doug Webster, Tina Solis, Mary Lou Shefsky, Alice Ceresko Carol Danboise) c.1963 
  161. Patton Swimmer Clips National Boy's Standard: (Doug Webster, Carol Danboise, George Saldana) c.1962 
  162. City Swimmers On U.S. Squad: (Rick Skarbo, Tom Sullivan, Alice Ceresko, Johanna Cooke) c.1963 
  163. State Preps Make Swim All-America: (Pete Adams, Doug Webster, Jim Hoyer) c.1962 
  164. Detroit Swimmers Set Midwest Marks: (Doug Webster, Joan Makkonen, Laura Novak) c.1963 
  165. 2 Detroiters Set Records: (Doug Webster, Joan Makkonen, Laura Novak) c.1963 
  166. Swim Times To Improve: (Doug Webster) c.1964 
  167. Detroit Girl Sets Junior Swim Mark: (Joanne Scarborough, Joan Makkonen, Tina Solis, Mary Beth Ceresko, Gary Gottschling, Greg Golin, George Saldana, Harry Hauck) c.1963 
  168. Cooley Swims To 3rd Title: (Pete Adams, Monty Blashill) c.1962 
  169. More Than 40 Changes Listed: (Jay Osrowske, Rick Skarbo) c.1962 
  170. 1200 Youngsters In Patton Pool All-Group Meet: (Tom Sullivan) c.1965 
  171. His Goal: Olympic Team At 15 (Doug Webster, Harry Hauck, John Powser, George Saldana, Rick Skarbo, Pete Adams, Jay Osrowske) c.1963 
  172. Records Fall As 1,500 Compete In Swim Meet: (Laura Novak, Rick Skarbo) c.1963 
  173. Osborn Wallops Eastern In Swim Season Opener: (David Sahagian) c.1966 
  174. Patton Swimmers Take Four Crowns: (Carol Danboise, John Sherk, Greg Penn, Gary Gottschling) c.1963 
  175. Water Wonderland Swim Meet Program (19 pages) c.1961 
  176. Sr. Men's State A.A.U. One-Mile Championships Results (2 pages) c.1962 
  177. 17 In State On All-U.S. Swim Team (Jim Hoyer) c.1964 
  178. D.P. & R. Junior Olympics Award c.1960 
  179. State AAU Swim Ruled By Patton (Joanne Scarborough) c.1965 
  180. Swimmer Hits Best 400: (Doug Webster, Pete Adams) c.1963 
  181. Caribe Hilton Happenings: (Harry & Caroll Hauck) c.1964 
  182. Western Overcomes Redford Hex: (Jim McNairy, Bob Moosekian, Rick Skarbo, Jim Kozlow, Tom Marudas) c.1960 
  183. Patton Pool Boys Distance Champs: (Monty Blashill, John Powser, Richard Szuba, Doug Webster, Carol Danboise, Mary Beth Ceresko) c.1963 
  184. Western's Swim Team Beats Chadsey Explorers: (Rick Skarbo, George Saldana, Dennis Manrique, Craig Dwyer, Tom Marudas, Ed Picard) c.1962 
  185. Ready For AAU Meet: (Doug Webster, Rick Skarbo, Dick Gilbert, Monty Blashill, John Powser, George Saldana) c.1963. 
  186. Patton Sweeps Team Honors -  Records Set: (Rick Skarbo, Dennis Manrique, Ray Ferguson, Pete Adams, Mark Manrique, Stan Johnson, Carl Boyd, Doug Webster) c.1962 
  187. Housecleaning In The Deep: (Harry Hauck) c.2003 
  188. Harry Hauck, Still A Pillar In The Community: (Harry Hauck) c.2003 
  189. The Amazing Life And Adventures Of Harry Hauck c.2006 
  190. Best Since Bumpy: (Jim McNairy, Ron Alsobrook) c.1959 
  191. Detroit To Honor Veteran Swimmer Harry Hauck (Harry Hauck) c.2008 
  192. NAUI Instructor Harry Hauck (Harry Hauck) c.2008 
  193. Ron Alsobrook Breaks American Record (Ron Alsobrook) c.1955
  194. VA Hospital Veterans Go Scuba Diving (Harry Hauck) 2016
  195. Harry Hauck, Diving Instructor for Disabled Veterans (Harry Hauk) 2016
  196. Ed Picard offers info on Silver Sneakers gym discounts for Seniors (Ed Picard) 2016

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