Article 040 c.1963
Soar To
New Honors

Coach Harry Hauck's Seahawks have long ago ceased to amaze. Winning, like swimming, is just second nature to the highly trained Patton Squad. Last Sunday, Hauck took his squad of 70 swimmers to the 7th Annual Glass City Relays in Toledo. Strong teams from throughout the midwest, as far away as Kansas, had converged on Toledo to vie for honors. But, as usual, it was Hauck's squad that captured most of the ribbons. The Seahawks took team honors for boys 10 and under, and boys in the 15-17 class. Three meet records were extablished. In the 200-yd freestyle relay, Rick Skarbo, Ron Boyd, Pete Adams and George Saldana Scored 1:37.2. In the 200-yd medley relay, Skarbo, Boyd, Adams and Craig Dwyer recorded a time of 1:48.2. In a novelty 500-yd cresendo relay, which calls for 50, 100, 200, 100 and 50 yards, Skarbo, Boyd, Adams, Saldana, joined by Larry Dalton came through with 4:36.2. In the boys 10 and under class, for the 200-yd medley relay, John Allred, Bryan Dennis, John Szuba, and Tom Koch were clocked at 2:22.5. The week-end saw further honors come to one of Hauck's swimmers. At the meeting of the National A.A.U. convention, held here, George Saldana was selected as Senior National All American. It is the first such honor to come to a Detroit swimmer in 50 years, and the first ever presented to a member of Dept. of Parks and Recreation team. The A.A.U. also picked Sue Spilsky of Hauck's water polo sqad, as an All American in Women's Water Polo. There have been many great weeks for Hauck's squad, but this past one, has proved the greatest.

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