Article 030 c.1962
Patton Polo Team Invades West Point By R. G. Fleetmeyer

Last week, the Patton water polo team made a trip to New York as an entry in the National Water Polo Championships held at West Point Military Academy. The tournament was on a national level and quite a thrill for Patton's high school boys. 
After losing a hard fought game to the New York Athletic Club, the Patton swimmers gained momentum and beat North Carolina State 13-2. 
At first the Paton swimmers took it on the chin for two straight games, losing to both the New York Athletic Club 8-2 and the West Point Cadets 11-8. Then they gained some experience and momentum as well. The North Carolina State team suffered a severe 13-2 defeat from the Patton boys as did the Bishop Laughlin Academy of New York 11-1. 
The swimmers from Harry Hauck's Patton team consisted of guards-Pete Adams, Rick Skarbo, John Powser and Jim McNairy; forwards-John Savinsky, Dennis and Mark Manrique, George Saldana and John Westcott. The goalie was D.I.T.'s very own, Tom Sullivan. 
This was the last game this season for the team's captain John Westcott as he enlisted in the U.S. Navy last Monday. Westcott was a Detroit high school record holder, and more recently won the 1500 meter freestyle in the N.A.I.A. Swim Championships while attending Detroit Institute of Technology. Last week he was named Michigan Swimmer of the Year. His captaincy position will be filled by Dennis Manrique.

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