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4/12/97-Although the web site has only been in operation for about one month, the response and enthusiasm of the people contacted so far has been very encouraging! The skeleton of the web site is in place. Now all we have to do is start hanging some meat on the bones to bring it to life. Each of us has his own unique perspective to share to bring back and enrich those fond memories. Dig around through your old memorabilia and remember some tales to tell and send them on in. With your help, the web site will be a dynamic rather than static experience and will never be "finished." We can keep it alive by continually submitting new material as we think of things or events happen as our lives progress. So don't think you need to get 25 pounds of material together before you start submitting it. Send some now and some more later. Web pages are very easily revised to accomodate new material. 
4/18/97-Mark Manrique has offered to retype the team newsletter Foam-Fare. Mark still has the old team spirit and he didn't even blink when informed that it consisted of over 130 pages of legal size pages! The Foam-Fares on the web now are a little hard to read, so this will be a major improvement. Another advantage is that you will be able to print them out. Also, it will be possible to make links that go directly into the body of the text. This will mean that links can be made for each person to where his name occurs in Foam-Fare.
4/18/97-Photos! News Clippings! The web site needs your photos and news clippings. You have my personal guarantee and commitment that your photos and newsclippings will be scanned and put back in the mail to you within one week. If you trust me but not the USPS, pack them up well and just send a few at a time.
4/18/97-If you're browsing the web site and come across any bad links, spelling errors, etc., please report it through e-mail. Thanks!
9/29/97-It was almost 35 years ago when Sully once referred to Foam-Fare as "an obscure scandal sheet." Scandal sheet it may be, but it can no longer be called obscure. Foam-Fare is now available to over 40 million people all over the world on the Internet! The original Foam-Fares were produced on a manual typewriter with worn-out typefaces and duplicated on a mimeograph machine (remember those?). They were a little hard to read when they were new and 35 years didn't help improve them (so much for evolution). I'm happy to announce that all 130 pages have been retyped and the 138 graphic images have been scanned and digitally edited to reconstruct the original Foam-Fares as web pages. An effort was made to retain as much of the original formatting as possible within the confines of HTML 3.2. I'd like to thank Tom Sullivan for writing the Foam-Fares and capturing the spirit of those times so well and giving permission to reprint them on the Internet. They were a pleasure to read in the 1960s and now in the 1990s a heartwarming joy. Also, I would like to thank Mark Manrique who volunteered for the daunting task of retyping them. One thing I have learned from contacting people about the web site is that "the same guys then are the same guys now." This is certainly more than true in Mark's case. So next time work or life is getting you down and you need a smile, tune into the web site and read a page or two of Foam-Fare. Take a trip back to those idyllic days at Patton Pool where life's biggest challenge was finding a dry towel to take to workout. Enjoy!
3/15/98-1998 Newsletter

-Is Y2K (the year 2000 computer problem) going to be a tempest in a teapot or a category 5 hurricane? That's the $64,000 question. No one can say for sure and there is a plausibility for just about every scenario from a  full-on doomsday to a few minor inconveniences.
The Patton Pool generation is with no doubt the most fortunate generation ever to live in mankind's history. We have lived in a place and a period of  time with extraordinary  comfort,  opportunity, and security. Having  never experienced a lot of the disasters and sufferings that have plagued people living at previous times or even at this time but in other parts of the world, we tend to be skeptical of any information that runs contrary to our own personal myopic experience. Probably the worst thing we've experienced in our life times is the gas lines of 1974. It is hard for us to imagine that anything but the uninterrupted, progressive movement of civilization is possible. We are inclined to dismiss the Y2K threat because of our frame of reference and the possible unpleasantness of its consequences.
In my opinion the year 2000 computer problem (Y2K) is something for us all to keep a very close eye on and to factor in when making plans, investments, etc during the coming 13 months or so. The Internet is about the only place at this time to get information to make informed decisions on the level of preparations you might want to make for you and your family. To promote  Y2K awareness and preparedness, I'm listing a few of my favorite Y2K sites and also plan on posting links to interesting information I come across on the Y2K topic on a regular basis. Like the Clint Eastwood character "Dirty Harry" Callahan, Y2K looms over us and looks us in the eye with a .44 magnum pointed at our heads and asks, "Do you feel lucky punk, do you punk?" Is he out of bullets or did I count wrong? Each of us as individuals will either benefit or suffer from the coming crisis based on our own accurate understanding of the problem and instituting appropriate preparations required. I believe and recommend that everyone take personal responsibility for getting their own information on the Y2K problem and evaluating it and not wait for it to come to you. A question I keep asking myself when trying to make some sense out this whole complicated mess and deciding how much to prepare is: Will I have more regrets if it is worse than I prepared for or better than I prepared for?
3/5/99-1999 Newsletter
-I have just installed a unit in my computer that makes CD ROMs. A CD ROM is capable of holding as much information as over 600 floppy disks. The entire Patton website could probably be contained on 4 floppy disks. Many of you know, there is a Patton reunion being planned for next August. As part of the reunion, I am planning on transfering the entire website to CD ROMs and bringing them for the attendees at the reunion and after that they will be available by mail for the cost to make and send them. Probably less than $5. Anyway, when the CDs are made, I would like to have as much information as possible to put on them. So if you have been procrastinating on sending any memorobilia (photos, newspaper articles, memories, etc), please "GET OFF THE BOTTOM!" (as Harry would say) and send them to me. This is your chance to add your part to the history and memories of swimming at Patton and make a nice durable keepsake for you, your kids, and grandchildren to see what it was like to be a kid way back in the 1960s. Thanks!
3/31/00-March 2000 Newsletter
-The Patton Website is about to take a quantum leap! You've heard rumors about the mother lode of Patton photos in the Caribbean. Well, the rumors, as you're about to find out,  were all true and very under exaggerated. I just counted them up and there are (Are you ready for this?) 131 of them! I've been dreaming about finding the old photos we used to see in the showcase at Patton, on Harry's office windows , or used in newspaper articles, for about  3 years. Rarely are one's expectations exceeded, but mine certainly were. Today the first 7 of the photos are being published (Only 124 more to go!). Thank you Harry and Caroll for taking the time and trouble of removing them from your scrapbooks and sending them for us all to enjoy. (Note: The photos on the Internet are very low resolution (only about 75dpi). I am planning to scan them in a higher resolution and put them on the Patton CD, in case you want to print some of them out.)
8/18/00-The Patton Reunion has come and gone, or has it? I hope everyone felt as I did, that it greatly exceeded my expectations in every way but one: Not enough time to meet and talk with everyone or take all the photos I wanted! Not to worry. Besides having the reunion professionally photographed and video taped by Harry Hauck's brother Kenneth, (By the way, we'll let you know when his tape and photos are available.), there were many amateur photograpers such as myself roving about and taking zillions of photos. Wouldn't it be neat if we could share all our reunion experiences and photos? It would be especially nice for all those who could not attend. Starting next week, a new section of the Patton Pool Swimmers website is being created. It will be called "Reunion 2000 Scrapbook." Please send me any photos you took at the reunion, experiences or impressions you had, stories you heard, etc. and they will be added to the Reunion Scrapbook. Of course, any photos you send will be scanned and promptly returned. The drugstore (Longs) I took my film to has a new option. Instead of getting double prints of everything, you can get one set of prints and a floppy disk with the photos on it. I found that much better results can be obtained by scanning the prints myself instead of using the ones off of the floppy disk. The reunion photos will be included on the Patton CD now set to be released at the end of the year.
8/25/00-The "Site Info" webpage has been replaced by one called "Questions."

5/12/2001-2001 Newsletter

10/27/2015 - It's been awhile since an editor's note has been added to this site. Well, the stalwart Ed Picard has decided to "retire" from maintaining the site.  He asked for volunteers to take over his job.  I volunteered.  This may not go down as one of the brightest things I've ever done but I owe the team a lot and I'll try to do a good job of it for as long as I can. 

  For those of you who don't know me I'm Steve Waszak and I was team captain in 1967 and I swam the butterfly.  That was a long time ago. Now I'm a semi-retired, 66 year old, practicing physician who plays a good deal of tennis. One of my many hobbies is messing around with computers.  I have a modicum of website maintenance knowledge.  I'll try to apply it here. Any suggestions any of you have for improving the site let me know.
  We'll see how this turns out. First thing I'll try to do is improve some of the photographs on the site.  There are a lot of old photographs so this may take some time. My email is:

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