Patton Pool Swimmers

    1. Ed Picard Ventura, California 
      I swam on the team at Patton Pool from 1960-1966 and was coached by Harry Hauck and Tom Sullivan. The web site was inspired by fear when I heard someone say, "He who does not remember the past is doomed to repeat it." Brrrr! 7/25/97 

    2. Dennis Manrique Macomb, Michigan 
      I swam at Patton from 1954-1968. 7/25/97 

    3. Seaweed Sully Maple Grove, Minnesota 
      I swallowed 4,352 gallons of Patton Pool (please, Dennis, you did NOT get sick in the deep end). Has anyone seen my towel? Yellow, blue ducks, Velcro frog, Holiday Inn logo. 7/26/97 

    4. Rick Skarbo Long Beach, California 
      WHERE is RON BOYD? Was Brennan Pool really 64 degrees? (Ed. note: You're probably right Rick, I don't think it was that warm either.) 7/2//97 

    5. Gary T. Nitta Ridgecrest, California 
      Great web page!!!!! (Ed. note: Gary was a Cody High swimmer and lifeguard at Brennan and Patton Pool. I only asked him to use 3 exclamations so the other 2 can be presumed to be heartfelt.) 7/15/97 

    6. Richard Szuba Dearborn, Michigan 7/21/97 
    7. Ted Pilger Santa Barbara, California 
      I never swam at Patton Pool but I'd like to say "Hi!" to Ed Picard. Did you ever hear the rumor that all swimmers are the decendents of the lost civilization of Atlantis? I think I did. (Ed. Note: Ted swam at a more famous pool: the pond at Woodstock! That's where he probably heard that rumor.) 8/3/97 

    8. Kim Pineda Seattle, Washington 
      I did not swim with the Tigersharks but I've played concerts with Ed Picard. We had plenty of moisture while playing recorders but it was by no means chlorinated. I hope Ed is still jamming. 8/27/97 (Kim's web page)

    9. Don Bahash Miami Shores, Florida 
      Nephew of ace swimmer Ed Picard. 8/11/97 

    10. Kenneth Hauck Hamtramck, Michigan 
      I am Harry's younger brother-the good looking one in the family. Talked to Harry 11 Nov 97 and he informed me of Patton's web page so I told him I would look it up and keep him informed on the happenings of former Patton swimers. 11/12/97 

    11. Monty Blashill Yuma, Arizona 
      Hello all, drop me a line when you get a chance. 11/18/97 

    12. Craig Dwyer Ann Arbor, Michigan 
      I swam for Patton in 1962 and 63 and then intermittently 'till about 65. I was a late bloomer who could only swim one length in 60, but got used to the miles of butterfly quickly under Harry Hauck's training methods.11/23/97 

    13. Marty Szuba Haddonfield, New Jersey 
      Wow! I am totally impressed by this page. 11/9/97 

    14. Tom Szuba Melbourne, Florida 
      This is great! 12/22/97 

    15. Peter Adams Roaring Beach, Nubeena, Tasmania, Australia 
      The water here is 64 degrees on a warm day. Wearing a wetsuit makes surfing enjoyable. 12/22/97 

    16. DW (Doug) Webster Captain Cook, Hawaii 
      Cyber workouts in this virtual pool! A wonderful way to relive some of the most significant events of our burgeoning lives. Good job Ed!1/7/98 

    17. Ralph Richards Perth, Western Australia, Australia 
      Member of the Patton Pool Tigersharks from the early 60's through 1969.1/21/98 

    18. Michael Fischer Concord, California
      Joined Patton 6/65 through 8/67. Also swam for Visitation H.S., Detroit Cathedral H.S., and Wayne State University. 2/7/98 

    19. Rene Manrique San Antonio, Texas, 
      I lived and died with Mark and Denny and the rest of the teamback in the 50s and 60s. It sure kept a lot of kids off the street. 3/27/98 

    20. Gary Semer Plymouth, Michigan 
      I , too, am a Patton Tigershark ('67-'71), coached by Doug, Mark, Moose and O'Conner I proudly inherited the ferocity that stayed with the club and I can only imagine the intensity of the early years. Thanks for this website and the entire effort here. 3/30/98 

    21. Susann (Roll) Hauk Eugene, Oregon 
      Swimming at Patton offered me the wonderful opportunity at the impressionable young age of 10 or so, to begin developing the much needed skill of appreciating a nice set of guy-buns in a Speedo. It's a talent in that I cherish even today. I mean, I never could swim all that fast....had to do something to keep from thinking about the cold! 5/13/98 

    22. Tom, Eunice, and Jordan Fontaine Ventura, California 
      We know Ed & Jean very well and are quite surprised to find that Jeani allowed pictures of herself on the web. Joking aside, we are very proud of our adopted family! PS. I was surprised to find grammatical errors in the script. (Ed. note: Are you saying my wife's so ugly she could crack a monitor?) 5/15/8 

    23. Mark Manrique Lansing, Michigan, 
      Can't imagine what my life would have been like without the Patton experience. Much thanks to Harry and Sully, my teammates, the Patton parents, and the rest of the extened Patton family. And a special mucho thanks to Ed for putting this site together. 5/17/98 

    24. Tina (Solis) Lessnau Milford, Michigan 
      What a great glad to "see" all of you! 5/28/98 

    25. Maureen Kennary Watkins Brevard, North Carolina 
      My uncles, Tim and Tom, were in your group. Tom died in 1977 of cancer. Tim is still alive in the Detroit area. I was looking for relatives and stumlbled across your web page!! Pretty cool!! My dad is Jim Kennary, the oldest of the seven Kennary kids! 6/1/98 

    26. Sn Steinberg Colver, Pennsylvania 
      The team I swim for in the summer is called Greater Johnstown YMCA. We have a very good team with a national champ and state champs. I am in 11th right now and have achieved the honor of going to states my 10th and 11th grade year for my high school team. . 6/5/98 

    27. Mary Lou Shefsky Granger, Washington 
      A warm "hello" to all you folks! And special thanks to Ed Picard for creating this web site! 3/19/98 

    28. John Powser Chicago, Illinois 6/30/98 
    29. Jordan Fontaine Ventura, California 
      I have known Ed and Jean so long it's like they are family. Wait a minute they are! I love your webpage and just to make you feel better I put it in my favorite places. 7/18/98 

    30. Linda Bahash Taylor, Michigan Linda Bahash Taylor, Michigan  (Ed. note: Linda is a.k.a. my sister) 7/23/98 
    31. Ron Pohlonski Lansing, Michigan & POLAND 
      Swam a majority of the time with Ron Alsobrook, but swam with Jeff Longstreth & Patton in the spring of 1964. Played polo with Mark and Dennis Manrique. 9/11/98 

    32. Lynn Makkonen Ebinger Traverse City, Michigan 
      My sister Marcia and I got on the net today and found Patton's page. Ed, thank you for all the work on this page. It's was fun looking up names and faces from our past. Health and happiness to you all.                   Love, Lynn   10/5/98 

    33. Bob Moosekian Canton, Michigan 
      Wow! Ed wrote me about this and Dennis told me about this, but I didn't think there would be so much. Looking forward to using this site.  10/27/98 

    34. Diann Matz Colorado Springs, Colorado 
      Can't swim, but Patton was near my grandma's house, and I skated there all winter for years. Was looking for an old college friend, John Powser, when I stumbled on your site. It is awesome !! PS. Do swimmers really grow webs between their toes? 11/28/98  Editor's answer: Yes, of course!

    35. James M. Donnelly Sarasota, Florida 
      I swam at Royal Oak Dondero H.S. 63-67, and NMU 67-71. I remember Doug Webster from Kimball H.S. and Ron Polanski from Fordson. I'm Editor of the Florida LMSC Newsletter ('98 USMS Newsletter of the Year) and swim for SWIM Florida Masters. 11/30/98 

    36. Jeanne Fleck Dekalb, Illinois 
      Boy, the pictures of Brennan pool bring back some great but cold memories. I now coach swimming in Illinois. Thank you for the memories. 1/5/99 

    37. Doug Glaser Howell, Michigan 
      I was never a Tigershark, but I lived right across the street from the pool and spent a lot of time there. I later swam for Mackenzie High School and had my Parks & Rec lifeguard test at Patton. I met Ed and a bunch of you others working at Brennan Pools, not to mention the Swim Mobile. 1/13/99 

    38. Carrie Lane Dover, Pennsylvania 
      I'm a swimmer, too! Best of Luck, Go Tigersharks! 1/22/99 

    39. Bill Moosekian Brighton, Michigan 
      Thanks for a great web page of memories! I learned to swim at Patton when I was three years old and swam in my first swim meet at 5 during the middle of a winter carnival meet. 1/26/99 

    40. John S. Klemanski Rochester Hills, Michigan 
      Great idea! 3/19/99 

    41. Bruce Wright Plano, Texas 
      I enjoyed your site. It was nice to see so many familar names and faces. It brought back many fond memories of swimming competition days. Good job. More 3/31/99 

    42. Jeff Longstreth Brooklyn, Michigan 
      WOW! from me, too!!! Great job, Ed. Seeing all those names brings back fond memories. Hey, Ricky, how come Bruce Norvell hasn't signed on? 4/8/99 

    43. Lauri Sturm Fayetteville, North Carolina 
      I actually heard about Patton Pool through a friend of mine. I'm not a swimmer but my friend was. I always enjoy reading memories of people who shared great times together. 5/6/99 

    44. Mike Reissing Bossier City, Louisiana 
      WHAT A FANTASTIC SITE!! I swam backstroke for Alsobrook in late 50's and early 60's, went to Redford H.S. and U of Michigan. To the Moose bros., thanks for letting me stay overnite at your house. Hey to Longstreth, et al, et al, et al. 5/10/99 

    45. Sage Reissing Easter Benton, Louisiana 
      My dad swam with your team in the early sixties. He gave me the link to this site and I have really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work! (Sage's website: 5/26/99 

    46. Ted Reissing Atlanta, Georgia 
      As Mike's older brother, I swam at Patton in 57 and 58 for Mike Heick . He changed me to a backstroker, best move ever. Brother Mike swam in his first meet at Patton as a 10 yr old. Hope you back this up in time to include some of the older guys such as Tashnick, Hickman, J. Smith, etc. (Ed. note: Would love to Ted. If anyone knows the names of swimmers from 50's that should be on the list, please send them.) 6/23/99 

    47. John Savinsky Detroit, Michigan 
      I started to swim for Harry Hauck back in 1955 at Nolan Junior High School. Does anyone else remember other swimmers like: Mike Mitchell, Al Fox, Freddy Ceci and Bobbi Hobbs? Free offer to all team members: Tours of the infamous Patton Park, Vernor Ave, Harry`s house on Coventry Street. Things have changed but the memories are sweet. If interested call me, I'm in the book. Thanks Mr. Ed Picard: inventor of the underwater butterfly. (Ed. note: Do we get to take your tour in a fire truck? - Ed) 7/10/99 

    48. Don McCleery Barranquitas, Puerto Rico 
      I was very happy to find this site via the Hotbot search engine. It was located by initiating a search for Harry Hauck. Harry is one of my best friends and my diving instructor. He speaks often and fondly of the kids he coached 35 years ago and his coaching days in Detroit. Harry does a weekly radio series here that I produce called "Under the Sea with Harry Hauck." Often his episodes recounts a particular event that happened all those years ago in Detroit...complete with the names of his swimmers involved. Whenever one of his former swimmers contacts him we all hear of it complete with another story of that particular person's accomplishments. The Old Man of the Sea, as he is known here, is still going strong and planning another long swim to benefit one of his favorite organizations. 8/13/99 

    49. Lyle Grant Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 
      Visiting here brought back happy memories as well as those of the pain of the cold Brennan Pool water in June. I swam with Patton from '68 to '71 and also at Cody High, where Carol Danboise suggested I swim with the Patton team. It was a great experience, but honestly I'll be encouraging my own kids (Kaisa, 3 and Matti, 1) to take up tennis. (More about Lyle) 8/25/99 

    50. Joanne (Scarborough) Hodges Kiowa, Colorado 
      Out of a clear blue, came a phone call from John (one of the older, college guys, when I joined the team). So, I figured I'd better check this out! Awesome, Ed, and what a treat to bring back those memories. Does anyone else remember having your heart stop and being unable to suck in a breath on those early morning opening days at Brennan? I swam breaststroke, I.M., and long-distance freestyle at Patton from about 1961 or so until 1966. "Catch us if You Can!!!"  9/8/99 

    51.  John Sherk Troy, Michigan 
      I drove by the old park and saw the abandoned building that was the scene of all these memories. Boy, does time change space! Still, the memories are like fine wine and only get better with age, and sharing them enhances the pleasure. Thank you Ed. 10/4/99 

    52. Lee Davis Arlington, Texas 
      Thanks Ed, this has really blown me away. Harry, you are still my favorite coach. Sully, do you have any more stories to tell me? Lynn, tell Joanie I said,"Hi!". It cracked me up to see a long message from my first boyfriend. 11/25/99 

    53. Bryan VanderMeer Fort Carson, Colorado 
      I enjoyed reading the articles and seeing the photos of my mom (Joanne Scarborough {Hodges}), and now I know why she has those boxes of trophies sitting in her basement. Hope you are able to continue getting more photos and articles for your pages. 12/5/99 

    54. Ron Alsobrook Warren, Michigan (Ron's son , Kevin, is handling his email) 12/7/99 
    55. R. Craig Tesch, Sr. Cincinnati, Ohio 
      I have retired to take care of my 5 year old daughter. Still train and swim masters. not near as fast as 40 plus year ago. Look forward to hearing from the Patton Crazies. Nice work, Ed. 12/8/99 

    56. Erin Irwin Detroit, Michigan 
      WOW! I didn't know the Patton Pool I swim in a few times a week was so full of history. As a member of the Patton Park Advisory Committee, an active participant of the park's resources, and the cross country coach at Holy Redeemer (which uses Patton Park as our home course), it is enjoyable to see your web site relive the history of the pool and the neighborhood. I only wish we had that kind of dedication to neighborhood activities today that was held back then. Keep up the good work, and if anyone wishes to relive some more history of the SW Detroit neighborhood, please check out Holy Redeemer's web site at 12/24/99 

    57. Mary Puente Luevanos Detroit, Michigan, 
      I've been swimming at Patton since 1950. It is still the greatest pool in town! I wasn't on the swim team, but I participated in many of the swim ballets. Come on back! More 12/30/99 

    58. Jim Gregart Kalamazoo, Michigan 
      I techno-stumbled across your site and was immediately transported back 50+ years. I didn't swim competitively at Patton (too big & slow) but first learned to swim (read: survive in water) as a young child when my father threw me in the deep end on a Sunday afternoon open-swim. I'll aways remember that! Also, I went thru Bennett Elementary, Wilson Jr. High and Western High School with Phil Moosekian. I was sadened to learn of his death. I remember Phil as being one of the truly "good guys" in this world. Lastly, GREAT WEB SITE .... and thanks for stiring-up some old memories! At my tender age, those old memories are fading fast. 1/6/00 

    59. Harry and Caroll Hauck Bayamon, Puerto Rico 
      I guess I finally learned how to sign the Guestbook! We are both very excited about all the great things Ed Picard is doing for the Patton website! We have heard from several former swimmers and replied to as many as we can. My computer was down for a couple of months, and I lost some of the information. But I keep on trying. 1/14/00 

    60. Marcia Makkonen Haley Harrison, Michigan 
      I was just an 8 and under swimmer who followed my older and better sisters around. This is a great site for memories! 1/21/00 

    61.  Randy Cooper Tampa, Florida 
      When I joined the team (as many of you did), it was called the Patton Sea Hawks. Sully renamed the team the "Tigersharks", (when Harry went to Puerto Rico to coach the national team there), and gave out sharks teeth as little rewards. Sully was always eating a jam sandwhich - two pieces of bread jammed together. When he wasn't eating a jam sandwich, he was eating a raw hot dog. I still swim in the morning for exercise. I can still hear Harry say, "OK, get the bands, two miles fly. Let's go Skarbo." Rick, I remember you standing in front of the chalk board at Brennan where they wrote the temperature of the pool water as 70 degrees or 72 degrees some days and you shaking your head in disbelief. By the way, 72 degrees is the temperature of the ground water flowing from the springs in Florida. I scuba dive now in the springs, Keys, and the Gulf Stream. Thanks Ed. Hey, Doug! 2/7/2000 

    62.  Elaine Cooper Canton Lake, California 
      Thanks for your letter, Ed, and the pictures and info about old teammates on this website. It is very interesting and fun too! 3/5/00 

    63.  Bobby Gonzales Kennesaw, Georgia 
      I learned how to swim at Patton Pool and later swam for Andy Palko at Western High where I broke the record for for the 100 yd. breaststroke set the year I was born*. The record was 1:08.9 and I went a 1:08.6. Not by much but, I did it! I became a lifeguard for the city of Detroit and learned how to be a giving person. I worked at Patton Pool once in a while until I got my own recreation center: Kemendy Pool. I now swim for the Atlanta Rainbow Trouts and placed 4th in a state-wide meet. My event was the 100 yd breaststroke and my time was 1:15.0 ( pretty good for a 36 yrd old). *(Ed. note: Hmmm, let's see, Bobby broke a record set around 1964. Dennis, have any ideas whose that was?) 3/8/00 

    64. Jennifer Parks Big Rapids, Michigan 
      Loved the webpage! Copied the photo of Mr. Hussey.  Used to see Lynn in TC at Lake Leelanau Open Water Swim. Occasionally showed up at Patton with old boyfriend, Barry Shapiro. Also remember swimming the Michigan Mile backwards . . . oh, backstroke, and cracking my head on the ends. Still swim Masters and like the long stuff, and backstroke, of course (still cracking my head occasionally). Tom Szuba was my asst. one year at MSU. I saw him and the family at Harbor Springs Open water swim a couple of years ago. See Jeff, Pohlonskis and Manriques at Masters. Hope to hear from you...Have a great reunion. 3/17/00 

    65. Kevin Campion San Luis Obispo, California 
      I swam under Ann Curtis (Olympic champ) and continued for 20 years.. surfing regularly to this day...Coached for years, too. Came up with a rad new product for swimming called Aqua Claws. Swim to live! 4/4/00 

    66. Tom Marudas West Bloomfield, Michigan 
      I learned how to swim at the Western YMCA across from Clark Park at age 5 in 1951. My older brother, George, and younger brother, Don also swam for Western YMCA. During the high school swimming offseason in 1960, Coach Gunnerson suggested I go over to Patton Pool and work with Ron Alsobrook -- what an experience the following 2 1/2 years became! I remember having just enough energy to get home after those workouts -- forget supper and homework. Those summer workouts at Belle Isle were second only to "HELL!" Presently I'm a financial advisor with Tucker Anthony in Birmingham, MI. Ron Alsobrook and I still talk every week. Hello to my former teammates at Western 1960-1962 : Craig Dwyer, Jim Kozlow, Dennis Manrique, Mark Manrique, Jim McNairy, Bob Moosekian, Jim Nagy, Ed Picard, George Saldana and Rick Skarbo. 4/11/00 

    67. Jim Beglinger San Francisco, California 
      Where the Hell was Patton Pool anyway? (Editor's note: Right down by the Ford Rouge plant, Jim. It's larger than the Krupps Works in Germany so you can't miss it!) I remember swimming with a teammate of mine (Gary Gould) from Plymouth at Brennan Pool late in April 1963 and it was 52 degrees (which meant you had to swim continuously) the idea of getting a jump on spring practice ended the same day. I have been living in SF since late 1972 and returned to competitive swimming (Masters) in May of 1976. I have been competing with the San Francisco Olympic Club since 1980 and have traveled to most National and World Masters meets since 1984's inaugural meet in New Zealand. Swam at Plymouth ('64) Flint JC ('65) and MSU ('66) US Army ('67-70) and water polo w/ Manrique's (Dennis and Mark, '70-'72) Rekindled our friendship at Masters LC Nationals at Ann Arbor in August '96...where I put Dennis to sleep, winning the 200m IM (lol) where are the rest of you bums? (Ed. note: Dennis, Check this guy out, I think he's a phoney. When did they ever fill Brennan in April?) 4/24/00 

    68. Fred Savinsky Brownstown, Michigan 
      Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Patton Pool Reunion. 4/25/00 

    69. Jim Safie Hastings, Michigan 
      Ed, great web site. Appreciate your efforts. I was a lifeguard at Brennan Pools from 1967-1975. I enjoyed working with you "older guys"; learned a lot about swimming, as well as life. I still swim for fitness to stay in shape; average about 3,500 yards per day (5 or 6 days a week). Best wishes for your reunion. 4/27/00 

    70. Barbara Church Allen Park, Michigan 
      This site brings back very good memories. 5/1/00 

    71. Bruce Norvell San Diego, California 
      Great job, Ed! 5/7/00 

    72. Shannon Dunworth Dearborn, Michigan 
      I swam for Patton along with my brother Kevin in the late 60s (a short time for Harry, but mostly with Jeff Longstreth) 7/6/00 

    73. Bonnie Danboise Morrison Livonia, Michigan 7/31/00 
    74. Doc Hodgins Flint, Michigan 
      I had no idea my favorite aunt's (Frances Picard) whelp could swim! The family is rift with inexplicable phenomenon. The rest of us were not that exposed to water - an ocassional glass on humid days. Clever and interesting web site, Eddie. 8/8/00 

    75. Eric Lakeman  Detroit, Michigan 
      I am trying to revamp Patton Pool now in 2000. I work with a group called the SDBA or Southwest Detroit Business Association. I have taken Patton Park under my wing. It is a shame to see how it has fallen from its glory.  If you have any comments or would like to help please email me I will respond quickly. 8/11/00 

    76. Jim Klemanski Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 
      Had a great time at the actual reunion. Hope it can happen again. Everyone seemed to be very content with their Patton experience and its impact on their adult lives. 8/15/00 

    77. Jim MacMillan, Traverse City, Michigan 
      Adversary of worthy Patton Pool teams in late 50's to early 60's.  I was with Women's City Club with Coach John Hussey. Women's CC pool is filled in and the building is occupied by the Detroit Police Department. (Maybe it is gone now because of the new stadium.) It is wonderful to find this site.  I was searching for information on any reunions of Eastern High School and happend upon this. What a great find!  Hey, Roy Burry, do I see you on CNBC now and then?  And you, Lee Davis, do you have an e-mail address? My wife and I live in Traverse City. Would love to see you old timers if you're near. I'm in the book. I'm retired and loving it.  Picked up swimming again after 25 years! (Running was too hard on the bones.) I am in some decent shape now.  We live on The Bay so stop by for a swim.  Brother Fred is in San Diego, Ca. 8/27/00 

    78. Kathie Moosekian Wilhelm, Villages, Lady Lake, Florida 
      I swam and lived in Patton Pool in the 50s.  I really have some memories.  I have been married for 38 years, have 3 grown children; only one swam through high school and college. I am retired in Florida and we now have a masters swim program and I'm starting to get  back in the action. 9/10/00 

    79. Lawrence Stackpoole, Livonia , Michigan 
      I swam at Patton from 1963 to 1966. 9/25/00 

    80. Scott Johnson, Oxford, Michigan 
      I'm sitting at a U of M football game and have on a Michigan Swimming shirt and a guy walks by (Jeff Longstreth) and says, "Did you swim for Michigan?"  I say, "No, but my daughter does." Well, we chat for a bit and I ask if he ever heard of Patton. Small world. He told me about this site and I love it. I swam for Patton for 1962 through 1966. I thawed out in 1968. Great times, great memories. What a pleasure to see old names and remember some of the greatest days of my life. Thanks Ed.  And to Harry, I love ya, man.  Hup!! 9/30/00 

    81. Jane (Johnson) Devlin, Studio City, California (no email, yet) 
    82. Ann Carney, Santa Cruz, California 
      What a delightful time I've had reading about swimming pals and legends, and especially seeing recent pics and interests. Thank you Ed! And thanks to all who have written. 10/11/00 

    83. Donald Cox, Princeton, New Jersey 
      What a great homepage!  Love to hear from you. Anyone living in this area? 12/08/00 

    84. Fred MacMillan, La Mesa, California
      I swam at Eastern High School 1958-1959 with brother Jim. Anyone recall me? I was a friend of Barry Shapiro of Mumford High School. He swam the 100 breast in 1:01. Pretty fair for back then. I did the 100 fly and won the city meet at Patton Pool with a 59.0. Pretty slow, I guess, no one else could swim that event.12/13/00 

    85. Gerald A. Sadler, Magnolia, Texas 
      For some unknown reason I was thinking about that place. I grew up in that pool in the fifties when the pool opened.  I pulled a child off of the bottom of the pool one time that no one else saw.  I remember this retired guy who used to come there and dive off the new Duraflex that was put in. I placed 8th in the city meet there as the diver for Mackenzie H.S.. I went on to be a memeber of the West Chester State College swim team taking 3rd in the state diving contest. I remember ice skating there and watching the fire works every 4th. What wonderful days! 01/01/01 

    86. Michael R. Bell Detroit , Michigan 
      I swam at Patton as a kid and worked there as a lifeguard to get through college. You folks are legends at that pool and the local high schools. Western C/O 91, Detroit Recreation Department 91-98. 01/31/2001 More about Michael

    87. Larry and Trudy Taliaferro, San Jose, California 
      We found this web site while looking up the name Talifaro. Wow!  This is amazing.  What wonderful memories, and the pictures are fabulous. My cousin Leslie Taliaferro Namie died back in the early 1980's. My son, Mark, carried the legacy of swimming in his generation winning Nationals in the 4x100 Free Relay in 1987 and his team, San Jose Aquatics won the Men's Long Course Nationals that year.  Now he is a swim and water polo coach in Northern California.  Thank you for sharing these photo memories. 04/14/01 

    88. Gail Semer, 04/19/01 
    89. Sharon, Spring, Texas 
      Anyone, who remembers Gerald Sadler or knew him from the his days at the pool, would like to hear from you. 5/20/2001 

    90. Susan Spilski, Detroit, Michigan 
      This website is outstanding! However, nothing can top those early morning laps at Brennan and, of course, those workouts with sweats and banded ankles against the Detroit River current. Whata blast we all had...and from the looks of  it, most of us survived Harry's cigars!! 

    91. Steve Waszak, Seattle, Washington, 
      Ed, what a great idea! I swam on the Patton Pool team from 1965-1967 and was team captain in 1967 and it was the most fun I've had in my whole life. My first coach there was Tom Sullivan and he was great. I have fond memories of everyone I swam with on the team and I'm very grateful for having had the good fortune to be a member of a team with such great people. It was truly one of the best times of my life! (5/24/02) 

    92. Stephen Namie, Baltimore, Maryland 
      Just stumbled across your website, surprised to find photos of my mom, Leslie Taliaferro. Although she passed away in 1983, I know swimming was an important part of her formative years, and it was touching to see that part of her life represented on the website. She was an amazing woman! I'd like to find out how to contribute information and/or photos of her adult life. Also, I'd love to hear about any memories her former team-mates might be able to share with me. Thank you very much! (5/24/02) 

    93. Junab Ali, Miramar, Florida, 
      At the Western High Reunion earlier this month, I ran into Bill Moosekian who told me of this site. Memories! I remember Laura Frost showing me how to improve my butterfly (wasn't my stroke). She almost worked me to death! It was great seeing Bill Moosekian, John Hopper, Dave Christie, and Anthony Kramer, my old WHS swim team mates at the Reunion. Best wishes to all of you! I enjoyed my workouts at Patton, Brennan, Kronk and my time on the Western HS Swim Team from 1961 thru 1965. I recall all my team members fondly. I'm glad I got to see several of them at the recent Western HS Multi-Year Reunion. Our family still spends a great deal of our time on the gin clear waters of Biscayne Bay here in the Miami area. We have an online album at: Best to all. (5/24/02) 

    94. Karen Hubel Liimakka, Old Town, Maine 
      I truly enjoyed the website, especially photos and life quips. Happened upon it while looking up a college classmate's name. Nice to see the cohesiveness of all your long time relationships...a true discipline. Thanks for sharing with the rest of the world. (5/24/02) 

    95. George Trupp, Toronto, Ontario 
    96. David Sahagian, Dearborn, Michigan 
      Hello I am finally here, thanks to Dennis. (10/6/02) 

    97. Amy Bowers, San Diego, California 
      Thought you might want to know about one of your past swimmers, Marty Szuba, a classmate at Dearborn High School who has just passed away. Marty Szuba (10/8/02) (Thanks Amy-Ed) 

    98. Donald Alexander, Meridian, Mississippi (10/10/02) 
    99. Jim Nagy, Trenton, Michigan 
      Dennis Manrique told me about this site a while back and I finally checked it out. I swam at Patton for two years in 62 and 63 with the Western High guys. I really enjoyed the website. Thanks Ed for putting it together. I'm amazed how some people have hardly changed and others I'd never recognize. I'm glad to see the email 
      addresses so I can get ahold of some of the old friends. (11/10/02) 

    100. Marie Schoonover, Dearborn, Michigan , 
      I went to Dearborn High School class of 1972 and Tom Suzba and I shared a table in homeroom. Tom, How are you doing? (11/12/02) 

    101. Alice Ceresko, Dearborn, Michigan, (1/21/03) 
    102. Richard Mull, Lansing, Michigan, 
      Great idea for one of the great teams in Michigan history. (4/18/03) 

    103. John Pheney, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 
      Swam with Jeff Longstreth the other day and he mentioned the Patton Pool website. My parents were one of the founders of the Northwest Aquatic Club. I believe I swam for Patton in the mid-sixties when Northwest and Patton combined. Will do a 3-K swim with Earl Showerman this summer in Jacksonville, Oregon. Should be easier than the 10-K five years ago. I have stayed in aquatics all of my life. After a successful swimming and water polo coaching career at Huron High School, I continued to teach in the AA public schools and retired after 31 years. My wife of 37 years will retire soon from teaching and my oldest son works for U of M as a painter and has his own painting business. My youngest son swam for Pioneer H.S., Mercersburg Academy and the University of Indianapolis. What great memories come back while reading about names I haven't seen in so many years. Keep up the good work! (2/7/04) 

    104. Chuck Greene, Beavercreek, Ohio, 
      Very much enjoyed visiting the Patton Pool website....many fond memories. I attended Mackenzie High School from 1973-1976, swam for the Stags during those years. I also worked as a lifeguard for Detroit Parks and Recreation...working at Mackenzie, Butzel, Redford, Cody, Post, Patton, Brennen and Belle Isle. I am very thankful for this tremendous website. (4/4/04) 

    105. Jim Kozlow, Grosse Ile, Michigan, 
      Good Site. Fun to read and remember. Tell Sully, he defended the nets well, but Moose, I could beat him when needed. Ha Ha. Just kidding, Sully. Tell Jeff and Craig it might have been fun if MOOSE and Koz would have enrolled to become T-BIRD's. Good to read that Mr. Ted R. is doing good in Florida? Tell Ricky S. that Califorina was meant for him. Where is Jim Mc?  That would complete our "61" Medley Team...........Koz 

    106. Daniel Gunter, San Antonio, Texas, 
      I am the 12 year old great- nephew of Dennis and Mark Manrique and wanted to add my name to the guest list and say that I was on a swim team and swam in competition when I was 7 years old. My grandmother was voted in the 1957 yearbook as "Cutest Girl" of the graduating class at Western High School. She saw many of you swim and says hi to all. (4/28/04). 

    107. Norman Tople, Farmington Hills, Michigan, 
      Springboard diver Mackenzie High School (1958), Patton Pool (1956-1963), Brennan Pools (1959-1963). (August 10, 2004) 

    108. Barbara Raikow Balkin, Chicago, Illinois, 
      This is  great site - I never took formal lessons here, but I had a friend who taught a group here, maybe 1964 or 1965, and she tried to teach me to swim - I was too scared.  I did spend a lot of time at the pool and park with friends, however. (12-16-04) 

    109. Steve Moosekian, Elkhart, Indiana, 
      Heart pounding good times. (12/22/2004) 

    110. Joe Suriano, Annapolis, Maryland, 
      I have been coaching diving at the US Naval Academy for 28 years. I was coached by Jimmy Ottinger from 1965-68.  Met my  wife (Patty) of 33 years at Patton Pool. (12/26/04) 

    111. Gary LaPrise, Tucson, Arizona, 
         Masters swimming 1975 thru 1981 (Check web page for background).  Currently selling real estate in Tucson and involved in volunteer bereavement counseling at St Marys Hospice. Life is Great! 
         Mike Hike and Ron Alsobrook shared their enthusiasm in a way that stayed with me and assisted me in my adult life. They were more that just coaches and their memory will be with me always. I learned how to swim at Patton Pool as s sophmore at Mackenzie High School and as a result developed a good and wholesome enjoyment of swimming which I took to Bowling Green State University and on into Masters.  Swimmers as a group are the VERY BEST PEOPLE I have ever known. (1/22/2005) 

    112.  Belinda Schwass, Ontario, Canada 
      Wow, what great times we had at the pool and park! More

    113. Jim Mazur, Port Huron, Michigan, 
      I have been searching for a men's 50 and over water polo league (common in England) and came upon this web site via a Yahoo search). 

    114. Ron Syria, Georgia, 
      I didn't know about the reunion. We were still living near Detroit when it was held.  It must have been a great time. Even though I'm retired, I'm still involved with diving, both as a coach and an official. Type "Ron Syria" on Google to find out what I've done with my life or click here. It's a bit out of date (1992), but will save me a lot of typing! 4/14/2005 

    115. Joan Makkonen Johnson, Phoenix, Arizona, 
      Today is Earth Day! I decided it was time to write and let some old friends know how much they shaped my life. I looked at some of the old pictures. We sure were a skinny bunch of kids. I am grateful how my life has been touched by each of you. I have loved you all in my own way. You have been in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless all of you as we go into our golden years. 
      Love you all! 4/22/2005 

    116. Norman (Stan) Johnson, Apollo Beach, Florida, 
      What a hoot! It was a great surprise to stumble on this web site. Those years with Harry and all of the other water logged kids were the best. I am glad to see the team is holding together. 9/26/05 

    117. Jim McNairy, Sterling Hights, Michigan, 
      It's a kick to think back to our swimming WAS great, that's for sure.  Looking forward to chatting with the gang. 12/12/05 

    118. Patricia Hogan, Lincoln Park, Michigan, 
      Do I ever remember Patton Park! I waded in Baby Creek, ice skated in the winter and attended Patton Park dances every Friday. Won 1st. Place in a Halloween Costume Contest there. My mother went to the exercise classes and yes, oh yes, I swam in the indoor (sometimes open door) pool. I love the memories from the 50s! 12/19/05 

    119. Richard Berry, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 
      Thanks so much for this site. I learned to swim at Patton Pool and have many great memories including the Easter Egg Hunts! 2/24/06 

    120. Brian Enck. Sterling Heights, Michigan 
      Browsing for pictures and stumbled on this site. I am Janice and Ron Enck's little brother and remember exploring the park and sitting through many long meets. I'll let Jan and Ron know to check the site and enter a note. 5/15/2006 

    121. Harry Ackley, Plymouth, Michigan, 
      I graduated from Allen Park High School in 1965 along with Bob Lange, (great friend!), who also swam at Patton. John Powser graduated the year before us. I saw John at a Hatteras boat gathering and the grand opening of  Bay Harbor near Petosky.  I graduated from Central Michigan University. I now sell real estate and live in Plymouth, Michigan. I keep in touch with "COACH " Richard Hershberger of Allen Park. I saw Birmingham Groves Coach Jim Gilster in Saint John (USVI). He lived on a sailboat with no motor and he rowed to the mainland. I remember the early morning workouts...the water temp...the female swimmers strutting around during our 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. break...Doug Webster being pushed off the diving being in shape, (. . . well, I guess ROUND is a shape!). 1/12/07 

    122. Barbara Patterson (Cheney) Nashville (area), Tennessee, 
      What a great site! All these names bring back memories. I swam for Northwest Aquatic Club and swam against Alice Ceresko, Tina Solis, the Danboise sisters, Lee Davis, et alia. I will always remember the Patton Pool girls as they would cheer for "PAT-TON-PATTON" and working out in the freezing waters of Brennan Pools in the beginning of summer. I loved the swimming days and always enjoyed being at Patton for a meet, especially the Patton Christmas Meets. I teach lessons and would like to get back into swimming. We live outside of Nashville, TN 9/3/07

    123. Tom Szuba, Melbourne, Florida,
      Patton Pool was a wonderful place for our entire family. It had a great influence on us and many others. The new facility looks great. 9/14/07

    124. Dennis Meyer
      The 16 & under Patton Pool Water Polo team was undefeated and 1957 and were the City Champions. We beat Nolan 5-2 in the finals in our pool. Jim Kozlow scored 3 goals. Ben Channesian and I got the others. We later were matched against a senior men's Olympic Trails team in a frigid outdoor pool on Belle Isle in May. What a nasty 50 year old memory! Many went on to swim at U of M. My scholarship took me to Mich Tech thanks to a couple of earlier years under Ron Alsobrook beginning at the old Naval base pool in Dearborn which Ford Motor operated as an employee rec center. We subsequently moved on to the Patton Team. The water polo team included the guys mentioned above plus Mike Reissing, Jerry Miller, plus Bob & Phil Moosekian. It's been awhile, so let's update each other on where we went & what we have done since those teen years in the late 50s fifty years. 9/14/07

    125. Yvonne (Asher) Duchene, Trenton, Michigan,
      I swam at Patton Pool from 1968 to 1974, went on to Cass Tech High and swam there for one year and graduated from Western High School 1978.  I lived on Woodmere Street between the tennis courts and the Patton Park Building.  I remember seeing the records held by Tom Szuba and many others listed on this website.  The records and times were listed high up on the walls. I sure miss being young and swimming at Patton Pool. I remember Lesnau,  Moosekian.  I just looked at a picture from 1966 with Mary Ellen Bebins and Martina. I also remember Tom Silva.
      I wish I had some of the old pics. The only few I have are from when I was Winter Carnival Queen in 1969 at Patton Park. Thanks for the memories. (5/4/08)

    126. Allison Merriweather, Detroit, Michigan,
      I came along when the team was called the Patton Aquatic Boosters Club and was coached by Mike O'Connor. Patton ABC was my sister Kathy's and  my first AAU team. I remember quite a few of the names and have a lot of pictures of some of the names mentioned from 1970, 1971, 1972. A lot of them were lifeguards at Brennan Pools. That’s where we trained in the summer. We also participated in the swim programs at Patton. (6/5/08)

    127. Alice Jarvi, Florida,
      I use to swim in Patton Pool during the 70’s. I loved working with the handicapped in the water. I did this for many Saturdays. I remember being in the pool while my friend Bruce Norvell worked out. I go there every time I am in Detroit. I am glad it was saved.

    128. Junab Ali, St. Petersburg, Florids,
      Greetings! I graduated Western High School Class of June 1965. I was on the swimming team along with Dennis Manrique, George Sandana, John Hopper, David Christi, Dennis Wagner and others. (Ed. Note: The usual suspects!)
      December 4, 2015

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