Ann (Carney) Pomper


Soquel, California

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V1N6P2, V2N3P4, V2N4P6
My Life After Patton:
I've had lots of jobs since Patton - painting Doc Szuba's office, teaching, athletic administration at Michigan, business - HP for a while, and the last decade I've worked in social service. My best job is Mom. Our daughters, Min 15 and Yoonie, 14 are soccer players and junior lifeguards. Now I am also working with homeless teens at Above the Line in Santa Cruz. (Website:

I've swum periodically for the pleasure/ pain, fitness (mostly memory of fitness). Sometimes swim masters with crazy tri-athletes. Most recently swam an "around the Santa Cruz wharf" annual race. (Cold like Brennan. Wetsuits allowed!) Coached high school while teaching in Indiana in the 70's. Swam and played intramural water polo at Michigan for years while I was working there. Tommy Szuba and I organized an awesome co-ed tube team while he was there. Ran into Dennis M. @ '79 or '80 while swimming Michigan masters.

Ken, my computer tutor at Berkeley, best pal and husband for 20 years now, and I moved to Santa Cruz in '88 after stints in San Jose, CA and Boston, MA. We adopted our kids in '89 when they were three and four and it's been great learning with them since. Korean born, Min and Yoonie are biological sisters and best friends/ serious critics, depending on the moment. It's been a grand adventure!

The Patton website, emails from old pals, thinking about that time, reading
Sully's and Harry's insights is so much fun!

Some Things I Remember:
I learned a lot about working hard, myself, and the solitary pride of a good work out-even when it was in the wake of the greats! It's where I learned to think about who I wanted to spend time with and that I always want characters in my life. And somewhere in those laps I started to 'get' that giving back was part of the deal.
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