Jim Nagy

    Trenton, Michigan


News Clips:
027, 092
My Life After Patton:
I think my last event with the Patton team was the 1963 boys' 16 and under state meet. In fact, it was the only meet I swam in for the Patton team. The Detroit School System didn't have swimming in '64, so I never got to swim my senior year. I remember going to see the 400 yd freestyle tie between Pete and Doug in '64. Got the phone number of some nice Royal Oak girl while I was there....,ah anyway, after High School I went to the University of Michigan and got a degree in engineering. Craig Dwyer was there the same time I was and I used to visit Mark and Dennis Manrique once in a while up at Michigan State. I swam a few intermural races at Michigan and now just have fun whenever I can get into a tank somewhere. I got married in Jan '69, Dennis was my best man. We've known each other since about the 1st grade. I worked a few years at GE in Ohio and then spent 30+ years at Ford which I retired from last year. We have three sons, two of whom are married, and have one grandson, Connor Patrick Nagy, born on St Patrick's Day, almost two now.
Some Things I Remember:
I remember the first time I came down to Patton from the prompting of Dennis Manrique. I hadn't swum too much before this and hadn't really been through a workout. I'd swum one race at the high school, a 100 yd freestyle at an intermural meet and almost drowned. Anyway, I'm sitting there and Harry announces that he's going to time everybody for a mile swim. I almost croaked. I'm not sure I could even drive a mile back then, or walk a mile, certainly not swim a mile. I was looking for the door out. Fortunately, Harry took pity on me and just let me swim some laps while everyone else was getting timed. The next day he had me doing reps with the girls because I couldn't keep up with the boys, that boosted my ego a lot. Anyway, I survived and really wish I could have had that senior year to swim, but it wasn't to be. I did win the 50 free at the 16 and under meet at the end of the second year, and still have the medal. At least I ended on a high. I remember one of the parents up in the balcony yelling congratulations to me. It was a positive experience to have been part of the team and I'll always remember the physical and emotional growth it provided for me.
The Patton experience taught us all how to be winners. How to work hard and set goals. The training helped me ever since then to go after the things I wanted and not give up until I got them. It's hard to believe how many years have gone by since then and I was very surprised how this website made me feel to both go back in time to a simpler era of my life and also to see how so many of the team members look now. Where did all those years go to? I enjoyed reading about your lives and families and really hope I can make the next reunion.
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