Patton Pool Swimmers


  The Patton Pool swim team known over the years as Patton Pool, Patton Pool Seahawks and Patton Pool Tigersharks was an AAU age-group swimming team that flourished from 1958-1968 in Detroit, Michigan. The pool was located in Patton Park at 2301 Woodmere.

  In 1960 the Patton Pool Seahawks team was founded and coached by a Detroit Parks and Recreation swimming instructor Harry Hauck.  He came to Patton Pool in 1960 with several accomplished swimmers brought from his former team at St. Clair Recreation Center. The swimmers from St. Clair merged with a remnant of fine Patton Pool swimmers developed by earlier, very dedicated Patton coaches Ron Alsobrook and Tom Sullivan.

  Harry, with a vision of producing the best age-group swimming team in Michigan, a total personal commitment that was by far above and beyond the call of duty of a swimming instructor.  His coaching methods were on the cutting edge for their time and produced many excellent swimmers who set a host of records and won many swimming meets.

  The organization behind the Patton Pool swim team, the Patton ABCs, (Aquatic Boosters Club), made up mostly of parents, did an amazing job enhancing and promoting Michigan swimming and water polo by organizing meets, awards banquets, and social events.

  In 1964 Harry Hauck moved to Puerto Rico and the team continued on under the leadership of team member Tom "Sully" Sullivan as coach.  The team was renamed the Patton Tigersharks.  Sully's effective coaching ability and leadership took the team to another level of competitive achievement.

  Sully carried on the tradition of excellence in swimming at Patton Pool and the team continued to enjoy growing success under his direction until 1966.

  In 1966, another former Patton swimmer, Jeff Longstreth, took over the helm until 1968 when he moved to Dayton to coach a team there.

  Other Patton coaches who followed were Bob Moosekian assisted by Mark Manrique, Ken Wiebeck and Mike O'Connor. (See related articles: #1, #2)


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