Joanne (Scarborough) Hodges


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After suffering so many years with asthma and bronchitis, swimming literally saved my life. I may have been an accident-prone klutz, but I became healthy! How many welfare kids from Detroit ever got to travel as much as I did, or meet new people, or experience the realities of life in the form of winning and losing while in a safe, secure, and cooperative setting? I needed something to be "good" at, and swimming was it. It allowed me to realize the worth of hard work and determination, and also to keep trying to improve upon my own times and my own accomplishments.
Thanks so much to Ed and Company for all the hard work on the web site and to Big John Savinsky for his tracking me down and his phone calls. Thanks to Dennis for saving my kick board all these years, and "Little" Tommy Szuba for remembering me "getting on his case" oh, so many years ago . . .
There is nothing I can possibly say to Harry that could convey how deeply we, his swimmers, have been imprinted with his work ethic, determination, and persistence.  I made some dumb mistakes as a teen-ager, but the best decision I made was to join Patton.  I gained health, confidence, self-worth, and learned some pretty hard lessons about growing up.  A toast to you, Coach, as a teacher, encourager, drill sergeant, athlete, and the one and only you!!!

How can I even begin to compete with Sully in finding the right words to express my appreciation?  After all, he's the literary genius.  So I'll simply say "thanks, from Anon Y Mous."
To all, "Thanks for the memories . . . " sad and glad, the friendships and rivalries, and experiencing life in a way and time which only we Pattonites share.  We're a rather unique bunch, aren't we?
May God bless and keep you, my dear friends from my youth.  I miss you.
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