"... and the there was the Reverend Moley. Holy Moley, they called him."

(F. & J. cont'd) and 1:07.4 100 m fly; Joanne Scarborough 2:29.1 200 m. free, 5:47.3 400 m. IM (also 1:22.1 100 m. breast); Mary Lou Shefsky 1:21.0 100 m. back; Ralph Richards 5:57.6 400 m. IM; Irene Silva (12) 1:21.9 100 m. fly; girls 11-12 400 m. Med. Rel. 5:51.4 (Kee, Rienas, Silva, Hislop). 2 Nat'l records: Bill Beiser (14) 1:14.1 100 m. breast (already broken) and boys 13-14 400 m. Med. Rel. 4:35.7 (Penn, Beiser, Gottschling, Sherk) ......................... Other nat'l records are listed in the front of this issue ........................... Gary Gottschling's performance of the "William Tell Retreat" is something to behold. It all took place when the team went to the automatic archery center last week and Gary lightfooted it down the target tracks to retrieve some arrows. Every 13 & 14 yr. old boy in the place scrambled for his weapon, but Gary made it back ahead of the first twang. MBC and Cathy Stidwell put an apple on Mike Fischer's head and pushed the return button while "Fish" was standing on the target platform. Quick-thinking, Mike ate the apple before they could draw a bead on him. Meanwhile, Chero-kee and her brother Dave hustled their teammates at a nearby pool table and M-Lou Shefsky tilted the pinball machines .......................... Ed "what a waste of skin" Picard has cornered the market on traffic tickets. One for driving too slow; another for running a re light ("the sun was in my eyes," said Ed brushing the snow from his hair) ...................... Ward Squires, Rhonda Phillips and Chrystal Cunningham (South Livonia Swim Club) posted exceptional times in their dual meet with Patton Tigersharks ............................ Joanne Scarborough's latest contribution under the pseudonym of "Anon Y Mous" contains her resolutions for 1966. Most impressive to me--and indicative of a true champion-is her attitude toward the pressures that face an "established swimmer." There is always a tendency to rationalize as a substitute for continued improvement, and to stand on one's past achievements, however big or small. It takes real intelligence to look ahead, day after day, workout after workout, and never look back to see what may be gaining on you. A few of Joanne's resolutions read as follows:

  1. prevent younger swimmers from beating me by working hard.
  2. prevent swimmers in my age group from beating me by working harder!
  3. make the nat'l cut-off times in at least four events (she already has--ed. note)
  4. make the nat'l finals in at least one event
  5. make a substantial time drop in all events, both yards and meters

Swimmers like this make coaching worthwhile. Confucius say, work until it hurts, and if that isn't enough, work until it stops hurting ..................... did you hear about the Crossword water polo goalie? Went into the game vertical, came out horizontal.


Dear Mr. Sullivan--By now you and all the children must have given up wondering why old people like ourselves are so interested in the Patton Team to come to all the meets possible. Of course, as you all might guess, being grandparents of one of your swimmers is the best of reasons, but over the past two years we have also come to love and respect all the children on your team. They are always so kind to speak to us, and give us a heart warming smile. Their good influence on each other "with your kind help and guidance: must give them a wonderful feeling of satisfaction to know what wonderful men and women they will be in future years to come.--Mrs. Gottschling Sr.

Yours and the following comments by Chuck Hines (Des Moines) are rich rewards to both the team and myself.-- Sully

Dear Tom--Thanks for Vol. II No. 10 of Foam-Fare. I was especially impressed by Anon Y. Mous' definition of a TIGERSHARK. The YMCA is experimenting with what they call Value Education, trying to devise methods for teaching real, honest-to-goodness values to youngsters. I've learned that kids often miss the message unless you take pains to point it out to them through the spoken and written word. You need to be just as definitive about "toughness, individuality, guts, efficiency," etc. as a T.V. commercial. In other words, you have to SELL your product, and you don't do that by sitting back and hoping the kids will catch on. Values, like Algebra, must be Taught. Please inform Joanne Scarborough that her definition of a Tigershark made the rounds of our Des Moines Y...and everyone was impressed. Enclosed is the note I sent out with F.F.:


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