Tom "Maumee Marvel" Bates and Joanne Scarborough broke through the cut-off barrier this summer, the former dropping his time 13 seconds to make it (2:45.0 200 m. br.), while Joanne dropped 7 seconds (2:53.5 200 m. br.). Joanne just missed in the 200 fly, too. Doug Webster also eligible but working and going to school will roar back in action this fall. Several others including our 800 free relay (women's) just missed the cut-offs. Joanne took 7th in the finals--not bad for her first nat'ls. All summer long she and Tom froze at Brennan, and at Maumee they froze again--but it wasn't 'cause of the water. There's just nothing quite like the pressure at your 1st nat'ls. Well, next year is a chance for their second and the difference between being just scared and being paralyzed.

WALT SCHLUETER continues to do a great job coaching KEN WIEBECK. Ken swims for Gus Stager in the winter and Schlueter in the summer. I asked Walt what he thought of Ken at the Olympic trials after his first summer of coaching him. He told me I wouldn't have to look very hard at the '68 Olympic trials for Ken Wiebeck. Looks like he's right on schedule at Maumee. Ken had everything on everybody but the last length--and that'll come.

DOC COUNSILMAN continues to serve swimming in its entirety, fostering the dispersion of knowledge and taking an un-mercenary interest in everybody's swimming. It seemed a real shame that CHET was not allowed to represent him over a technicality in labels--'specially since Chet swam this summer primarily to help his mentor and his teammates. Makes you wonder about the letter of the law vs. the meaning, and for one bleak moment you look around and see a cold impartiality stealing over the sport--fewer and fewer people going to meets to give as well as get. I've always felt that scientists serve the masses more truly than politicians, because they represent everybody's interests...may swimming remain under their auspices.

Ed Bettendorf and Ross Wales came through for Ohio in the 100 back and 100 fly respectively. Ed would've made it in the 200 in the indoors, but they gave him the gun at the end of six and he didn't know what to do with it.

Lee Davis, who's name in Michigan is synonymous with hard work and honesty, came within a splash of 1st place in the 100 & 200 fly. It was good enough to get to South America on, but I doubt if Lee will settle for that. Lee, who thinks so little of appearances that she believes a mink coat is a coat worn by minks, won't settle for the "appearance" of 1st. She'll work until she's reached her highest goals.

Saw Bruce Norvell down there, too and , since we were both on a prospector's budget (no gold), slept at poolside together. The next day it got pretty hot so we spent a couple hours philosophizing in the cooler of a super (pronounced "supper") market. Bruce says he's still got a few cans left of the 36 cases he brought of "nutriment", thought he may have to call it "permanent ferment" if he doesn't get rid of it soon.


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