My warmest congratulations to the entire Patton Tigershark team for its unprecedented performance during the past year. Through more difficult situations than anyone should have to face you have proven yourself individuals of dedication, honesty, and sacrifice. Most important you've demonstrated the high moral fiber that "tunes" itself and regulates its membership through the demands of its own high standards. Hang on to those values, engender them, and you'll find that you don't even need a coach; that the coach is just a symbol of what you have in yourselves. I'll be proud to help you with your strokes, plan your training and devise new methods and approaches to both, but when you go to the Olympics you'll go alone--as individuals and Americans. This year you'll have to set your sights higher than ever (Mexico City is 7,349 feet above sea level). My very best to you....

THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABORS: State Chairman, Fred Wirth, sent out state records listings (including AAU Championships) for the short course season. Tallies show that of the total 87 new state marks, 41 were set by Patton swimmers. While the results of the long course season are not yet in, unofficial results show we did excellent in those categories also. Nat'lly speaking, our boys 11-12 relays broke two nat'l marks, but teams from Philadelphia have clocked faster. Gary Gottschling himself has broken five nat'l records (11-12) a number of times, though he stands a chance to hold only 3 of them under the current onslaught. Pat Holcomb also broke a nat'l record this summer, and she faces a faster pending time also. Tom Szuba and others came within a few tenths of records and stand to rank very high in the listings. It is too premature to tell, but Tigersharks have broken into approx. 75 different nat'l rankings according to last season's postings. Of course, these will be much faster, and we will be lucky to tally in a fraction of them, but certainly we are catching up to other areas, as last year we had only 3. We had several Jr. Nat'l Champions and record setters also. And as for American records...yes, two of those, too. Joanne Scarborough and Dennis Manrique each set American records in the 200 yd breast (long course) at Chatuaqua. This is not nearly the same category as 25 yds. or 50 m., but it is undeniably a breakthrough for them. Keep up the good work!


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