Notes in bottle Dept.: Apparently Stan Pantovic (better known in television-land as "Secret Squirrel") wasn't kidding when he said he was going to Europe. Received a postcard from Yugoslavia with this bit of mental wizardry on it:

Dear Thomas: I've had a nice trip. The weather is nice. How are you? I am well. Chester is well. Is everyone there well? Is the weather nice? Am I having a good time. I need a haircut.--Stan

....and then came this gem addressed to "Herr O.G.F.":

Dear Tom: Finally found paper, pen and time to write a few lines. I'm back in Belgrade again & as there is absolutely no action here, I might as well write. Have been messing up around Europe for the past month. First ten days under the bridges of the Seine. Then hitched up to Bruxelles, Rotterdam & destination Sweden. However the weather & my lack of proper equipment (5 cans of goulash, 2 French car blankets, 5 pesatas & 1 Arabian soccer shirt) turned me south before Hamburg. Following the German autobahn (X- pressway) made it to Frankfurt. After almost being arrested by the gestapo or some modern facsimile (for sleeping on the autobahn of all things) and waiting 12 hours (no record here) for a ride, arrived in Munich. Munich is great, although the room service is too exact at the waiting room in the Bohnhof (1AM and 6AM they kick us out) for my non-teutonic temper. Vienna next (had a ride by a couple of American high school girls of all things) but no sleep, so just walked around all night trying to avoid the odd-ball Viennese (both varieties). Next on the itinerary from here are Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Paris & London. P.S. Almost left for Turkey but it's too darn close to you know what. You will have more info on the typical beatnik grand tour next time I get bored & have pen, paper and nothing better to do. Save me Foam-Fare issues-- Stan P. S. I've really grown a head of hair. Tourists pay to take my photo.

Don't feel bad, Stan. When I went to Greenwich Village last fall, I got the same treatment. Took a visa to get me out! Am writing a new existentialist novel you'll like. Title: Wavey Bubble Bath, or The Rise and Fall of Cleopatra.--Sully

Dear Tom: Here is the latest of the meet clippings, distribute them as you wish-now I'm sorry I didn't get more. Your youngsters are to be commended for their fine swimming and particularly for their excellent behavior during those three hectic days. During the 35 hours I was on the Inspector's tower, I had an excellent view of most of the entire area and I'm happy to say your large group was one of the most orderly. You can be certain Tom Sullivan and his swimmers will always be welcome in the greater Akron area. Best of luck always to you and your fine youngsters.--Clayton Schlemmer--Cuy. Falls P.S. Please add Bill Copskey to your mailing list.

Will be more than happy to add the new name, and thank you for the clippings and generous comments which I will pass on to the group. Also best of luck next year with your meet. I hope people will realize that the "flooded" entry will and can be reconciled in next year's schedule. Ohio meets have a fine reputation for organization behind them. Whether it be Lakewood or the fine Toledo meet I just went to at Scott Park, they are all run with a maximum of efficiency.--Seaweed Sully



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