Flotsam & Jetsam: Jimmy Pond (10) continues to show vast, fast improvement as he qualified in 4 events down at Toledo. Holly Hubbard likewise, is stepping into the spotlight along with Renee Rienas, Jim Teunas, Pat Holcomb, Irene Silva, Brian Bates, and a host of others who have made "giant" improvements over the summer to become "qualifiers" along with their teammates. Among the many new names to come along who'll be up there soon are Carol, Kevin & Neal Merry, Janice, Cheryl & Joanne Reader, John Klemanski, Dave Heyden, Barb Peers, Teresa Ceresko & Art Church. To list all the others fine improvements and outstanding performances, including new state record holders like Karen Hislop (9), Randy Penn (10), Tom "corn-fed" Bates (16), Pat Holcomb (13), etc. would require more than a "super summary issue" of Foam- Fare...........most dedicated swimmer just has to be Pat Ennis, who really gives his all. Pat, who found that camp in N.Y. didn't give him the swimming opportunity he expected, sold two pints of blood (his own) to raise enough gold to come back & work-out. Ever since then, three bats have been hovering outside the boy's locker room (must be female).............this summer's "pulse-check" awards:

...........................most adaptable swimmer this summer was Mert Church, who made the conversion from freestyle to backstroke in mid-air...........Bob "the reef" Tyldesley demonstrated that his sister doesn't have all the strength in the family when he played "lighthouse" at the spring picnic by standing in the canals at Belle Isle and tipping over the better half of Patton's canoe armada (if Vesper's can have a boat club we can too). Rest assured anyone who stands in those canals for long is plenty strong--phew!............we missed Linda Tyldesley's strength at the fall picnic football game, when it became apparent that the boys football squad is now nearly as good as the girls. When it comes to water polo, however, the girls have it all over the boys. M.B. Ceresko, Joanne Scarborough and Karen DeLair led the girls to a decisive victory in the final week of the summer (boys swim butterfly, girls freestyle during games). The only boy to score was Greg Golin who "slipped" through for the kill. Girls claim he left an oil slick when he dove in..............many congratulations to Chuck Hines who did such a fine job promoting water polo through his articles in Swimming World. Chuck has semi-retired from his extensive work................new weapon in the arsenal of defense should be "Funny-Foam". Pat "Pie" Ennis took a plate full on the "shnoz" at the completion of his best 400 intervals. Watch out Soupy Sales................Tina Solis says this has just got to be her year for the 200 fly. Tina raced about even with Sharon Hancock, M. Lou Shefsky, and Linda Tyldesley last winter behind Carol Danboise, Alice Ceresko, M.B. Ceresko and Joanne Scarborough in that order. But this summer she had repeated 50 m. flys in 37's, faster than the others. Andaly! Another girl flyer who looks impressive is Irene Silva (12) a 1:23 for 100 m. fly. Last fall she was going 1:30 for yards! Just one more drop like that, Irene, and I'll let you time me for a mile fly.............John Szuba took up where Gary Gottschling left off in the boys 11-12 back. Gary broke nat'l records in yds. and s.c. meters, Johnny missed the l.c. record by less than 2 seconds. Break a minute this year, Johnny, and I'll let you time me for a mile back..........if any of the following break these time standards this winter I will volunteer for a mile breast clocking: Tom Bates, John Fortune, 1:03.8 100 br., 2:21.0 200 br.; Pat Holcomb (13), Joanne Scarborough, 1:09.5 100 br., 2:29.0 200 br.; Renee Rienas (12) 1:18.0 100 br.............yes, a mile free, to IF: Dave Kee (14), Jim Teunas (13) 1:58.0 200 free; J. Scarborough, M. B. Ceresko, Carol Danboise, Tina Solis, Sharon Hancock 2:07.5 200 free--if any 3 of these make it you can


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