on promotion. Too late for spring housekeeping?..... .....Mr. Gottschling has a new way of looking at the rigors of workouts. When the swimmers give him that "we went seven miles too many" look, he just says "They're not tired, just temporarily confused.".........Tue. and Thur. night polo sessions at Brennan are something to behold. They attract only the elite of the aquatic world's characters. The other night Greg Golin (NWAC) slipped into the water and through his frozen jaws managed to gargle: "I'm from Northwest Aquat--quack" (better stay out of the water till your feathers dry, Greg); then he positioned himself in front of the net and began to wave his arm around, but we thought he was a day camper who had to go to the bathroom and ignored him, until Abdul, who had been known to squint down the pool during a game and inspire his teammates confidence by requesting them to raise their hands so he could see them, throw Greg the ball...and hit Richard Dixon in the head.........Results of the Senior Long Distance at Lake Wyoga give Patton a Sr. Nat'l Champion in Doug Webster, while George Saldana and Rick (all-heart) Skarbo completed the three man squad, taking runner- up in that classification. Meanwhile, the Patton girls were busy taking their team championship. Robyn Johnson and Myra Michaels (NVAC) horsepower--thoroughbred, of course, girls) were isolated from their third teammate by the team trio plus one from Patton: Mary Beth Ceresko (all-American), Tina Solis, Joan Makkonen (broken finger and all) and Joanne Scarborough occupied the next four positions. NVAC's third swimmer was also hampered by an injury, and swam a very commendable race, much of it with one arm. At the same meet Laura Novac won the girls 10 & under 1/2 mile and Tommy Szuba the boys 10 & under 1/2 mile. 15-17 girls was won by Joan Makkonen (1 mile); and Doug Webster took the 15-17 boys one mile...........good workout times: MBC 2:48 200 m. fly; Abdul (Dave) Sahagian 2:49 200 m. fly; Doug Webster 2:26 200 m. fly; Joe Muller 6:14.29 200 m. fly.

The Bridge: by H. Hauck

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