(notes in bottles dept. cont'd)

Dear Sully: I guess you might think this is kind of a stupid question but what do you think of that merger--Motor City Swim Club? With Patton's tough, hearty swimmers I'm sure you'll give them one heck of a time.--LINDA TYLDESLEY, Big Spring, Texas

Dear Linda: Put that "heck of a time" in past tense. We sure miss you and Bobby, though, both in the meets and in workouts.--S.S.

Hi Tom: If you look real close at the postmark, you can see that I'm writing from New York. It seems that this is where I ended up when I told my guidance counselor that I wanted to be a Christian Brother like Br. Francis. I hope that the team is doing great (as it should be). Do you think you can send me some copies of good ole Foam-Fare? Cordially, GEORGE LASKOWSKI

George: Will do. You're a credit to Patton alumni!--S.S.

Tom: Enjoyed talking to you and getting your ideas on a few matters at Toledo. Would you send me a list of your winter meets in Michigan? As a suggestion this could be included in Foam- Fare which has a wide distribution.--R. DEVORE, Ohio

Will be more than happy to include the following list, which however offers the drawback of being tentative. You can write the meet directors for confirmation of dates:

I will wait for confirmation before printing the rest of the schedule, as it is still nebulous. S.S.

The following "Critics Awards" are given to the M.B. Ceresko production "A Night with the Motor City Multitudes" presented at a workout on the night of October 29, 1965--

Best actress: Tina Solis
Best actor: Tom Szuba (who's acting)
Best oscar: Art Church
Best costuming: Joanne Scarborough
Best applause: Ralph Richards
Best giggle: Holly Hubbard
Art Church "The Living Oscar"


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