Article 121 c.1962
Swim Star
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Mile Mark
Sue Thrasher, of the Ann Arbor Swim Club, Michigan's outstanding girl swimmer, broke her own record as she retained her state AAU one-mile championship at Patton Pool yesterday.
The Ann Arbor blond stroked into an early lead in one of three open class heats and was clocked  in 21:15.6. Her previous record was 21:57.0.
Ann Arbor girls also took the next three places, Pam Swart was second in 22:15.6; Peggy Wirth was third in 23:16.0 with Donna Conklin fourth in 23:17.6.
Linda Foster, of Patton, and Marilyn Corson, of Ann Arbor, swam stroke-for-stroke all the way and hit the finish together.  The judges ruled Linda had taken the fifth place by a tenth of a second over Marilyn. Linda's time was 23:51.7.  Sue Spilski, of Patton, was sixth among the 18 open class finalists.
Another 18 girls raced in the three age-group contests.  The 36 finalists were the best of 148 original applicants for the event.
Bernice Britton, 49, of the Recreation Department, submitted a 48:00.0 time as the oldest entrant while Diane Greer, 6, submitted 46:30.0 as the youngest.  Neither qualified for the finals.
Ellen Govan, of the Northwest Aquatic Club, broke the state mile record for girls, 10 and under with a time of 27:23.4.  The previous mark of 28:58.2 was set a year ago.
Complete results of the three age-group races:
GIRLS 10 AND UNDER -- Ellen Govan, NWAC, 27:23.4; Chris Evans, Flint, 28:25.9; Lisa Beckenhauer, Turners, 28:41.0; Gail Graves, NW, 29:04.0; Peggy Sherk, Patton, 29:17.1; Barbara Foster, Patton, 29:38.8
GIRLS 11-12 -- Janis Nimke, Ann Arbor, 24:22.8; Carol Danboise, Patton, 25:04.0; Mary Lou Shefsky, Patton, 25:15.3; Tina Solis, Patton, 26:06.3; Kathy Filgo, Turners, 26:55.0; Janis Hartsoe, Flint, 27:27.1.
GIRLS 13-14 -- Jean Lawrence, Flint, 23:38.2; Joanne Scarborough, Recreation, 24:06.1; Mary Beth Ceresko, Patton, 24:58.4; Sue Stuckey, Turners, 25:29.6; Johanna Cook, Garden City, 26:01.2; Joyce Allen, Patton, 26:39.1.

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