Article 010 c.1964
Swim Champs' Coach Leaving 


Off for Puerto Rico

Patton swimmers were undefeated in 33 straight combined boys and girls age group team championships over a five year period. 
Tom Sullivan, who has been coached by Hauck, is handling the Patton swimmers as amateur coach. 

Hauck will leave Tuesday for his new post. He will be followed by his wife, Caroll, and his three children, Krista, 3; Tim, 5; and Harry Jr., 8.
Harry Hauck, whose swimmers brought national recognition to the Patton Pool of the Detroit Department of Parks and Recreation, resigned his athletic directorship today to take a similar position with the Caribe-Hilton Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 
Hauck, 36 will coach the Caribe Swimming Club, will become a member of the Pan-American games staff for Puerto Rico and will coach the country's water polo team. 
"He was the best developer of swimming talent we've ever had in the Recreation Department," said Ernie Stengel, director of swimming until his retirement in 1963.


"Harry did more to stimulate interest in age-group swimming than any other man in this area. Because of his full schedule of work it was necessary for him to do most of his coaching in swimming on his own time."
Hauck is a graduate of Wayne State, where he was coached by Leo Maas. Backstroke was his specialty. 
Hauck's protégés won the National senior AAU men's long distance swimming championships the last three summers.
Doug Webster took individual honors for Patton in 1964. Pete Adams, George Saldana, Monty Blashill and Webster were other members of the winning squad. 
Joan Makkonen, Mary Ceresko and Tina Solis, won the women's senior team title to give Patton a sweep in long distance swimming this year.


Other outstanding protégés of Hauck include John Powser, Rick Skarbo, Joanne Scarborough, Carol Danboise, Lee Davis, John Szuba, Sue Spilski and Linda Foster. Hauck's Patton water polo squads won the state indoor and outdoor titles the last four years and swept the Canadian invitational last summer. 

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