Spray: The Allred family is on the road again, this time bound for Germany. John, Diane, Bobby and Carolyn will continue their swimming and diving--good luck kids! Wonder what a "splash" sounds like in German......Patton's Age Groupers are amply represented in the Nat'l Age Group listings which appeared this month: John Szuba (4 events); Doug Webster (4 events); Rick Skarbo (5 events)--these first three swimmers also has a first place in their respective division and Skarbo and Webster also set Nat'l records--Jay Osrowski; Jim Hoyer; Ron Boyd (2 events); Pete Adams; John Powser; and George Saldana. In the girls for Patton it was; Tina Solis; Alice Ceresko; Carol Danboise; Mary Lou Shefsky; and Johanna Cooke (3 events)......the girls have a new team mascot. They traded their old one--Dave Dixon-- in for a stuffed tiger. The tiger has several advantages over old Dave. First of all, he can be kept in the girls' locker room (Dave never liked being kept there). Then too, the girls can pin a ribbon on the tiger for every meet he goes to...Dave never liked to have ribbons pinned on him either- -ol' pin-cushion was very uncooperative in some ways. All in all the tiger should be a definite improvement.. ....Turners and Patton had a dual meet to determine Canadian- American meet times. Cynthia Goyette, who set two American records at Fitzgerald a few week ago, was a little off the pace. New records for Patton in the Canadian- American trials were: Greg Penn, 27.9 in the 50 free; Tom Szuba, 34.0 for 50 fly; John Szuba 31.3 for 50 fly; Mary Beth Ceresko, 1:07.9 for the 100 fly; Tom Sullivan, 2:23.7 for the 200 breast.......Harry Hauck's new game, called "sail-a-board," was a crashing success. His first demonstration, given at Patton's many-windowed pool (now many- windowed minus one), was a real smasher. ..which all goes to prove that old saying: "People who live in glass houses shouldn't sail kick boards."

Contribution: I'm not sure whether my mouth is big or my foot is small, at any rate, I keep putting the latter in the former. The latest instance was inspired by my "brilliant" policy of publishing all contributions, a policy which will now be slightly revised. Case in point: Joanne Scarborough's contribution, which I previously promised to put in this issue. The problem with her donation is not the writing--she writes extremely well, as you will see--the problem is with the subject matter. The subject matter is definitely taboo... it is about me. Being a modest editor by nature, I have omitted the last two paragraphs of her first article, which dwell excessively on the better side of my character. So here it is, the uncensored remains of Joanne Scarborough's article--


In the last issue of "Foam-Fare," Seaweed Sully disclaimed any relationship to our own Sully. This quite confused me, for I was under the impression that both Sullys were the same man. Perhaps it is Sully and not me that is confused. He is probably the same man, but with different personalities. Let's find out who or what Sully really is. First there is the Sully we Pattonites know and love. He's the guy with the striped shirt and purple letter jacket, a stop watch in one hand and somebody else's towel in the other, and a rather long, lanky body adorned with a Miss Clairol looking thatch of white hair. He'll be in the water working with Mary Lou one minute and sitting on the side with Stick Szuba the next. Sometimes between heats, Sully, Mark and Abdul will raise their voices in song to bring a little musical enjoyment into our dreary lives. Sully is also the Hawk's personal spy. He finds out exactly what we don't want to do, tells Harry, and then Harry makes u do exactly that. On Sundays he is in the pool (over) -3- playing water polo. When there is a meet, he's our official pep talk giver. Sully sure is a great guy!--end quote (for a whole copy write: Black Market Inc., Cosa Nostra, Devil's Island. Enclose $5 and never mind the return address. This last piece is more appropriate. It was found etched into the locker room walls (signed "J. Scarborough") and will undoubtedly earn her the title: "Poet laureate of the shower stalls."



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